Goal 10: Foreign Language Competency

I completed my foreign language competency goal through Spanish 212, Intermediate II Spanish. This course expanded on the grammar learned in previous Spanish courses while we learned an abundance of new vocabulary. As an intermediate course, this class didn’t just focus on the diction and syntax of Spanish but also the cultural components that accompany the language. We listened to native songs, read traditional stories, and investigated real-world issues through a Spanish lens. This class has not only improved my abilities as a Spanish communicator, but also enhanced my cultural awareness and empathy for others. Even though I only needed to complete one language course for Goal 10, my experience with Spanish has lead me to pursue additional Spanish opportunities because I feel that language is an invaluable skill that will set me apart in the professional world, especially as Spanish becomes increasingly prevalent in the United States. With a strong background in Spanish, I will be able to treat and communicate more effectively with future patients. Below is a analysis (page 1.) and reflection (page 2.) I wrote about a dysfunctional family in the short film “Sopa de Pescado” and compared the family in the film to my own experiences with my family.