Building an Arcade Machine to Do Interdisciplinary Research into What Makes People Like Video Games

Eric Whitehead, author Dr. Robert Marmorstein, faculty advisor awarded first place for best natural science and mathematics paper Introduction At the beginning of the year, the frame of arcade cabinet had already been mostly built. The remaining ‘physical’ work involved installing the door on the front of the cabinet, setting up the I-PAC and grounding … Continue reading →

Computer Science, Volume 8

A Minimal Working Configuration Set for Asterisk

By Luke Acree,   Dr. Robert Marmorstein

Abstract We present a fixed-point algorithm for reducing a large set of configuration lines to a minimal working configuration.  A minimal working configuration is the smallest set of configuration lines that allow an application to provide a predefined level of service.  We apply our algorithm to the Asterisk voice-over-IP server using a baseline of one … Continue reading →

Computer Science, Research, Volume 4