College Bullying: An Exploratory Analysis

By Amelia D. Perry

Abstract Most research on bullying focuses on the K-12 education system or the workplace, but few studies focus on higher education. Most colleges combine hazing, harassment, and bullying into one category, which makes a primary focus on bullying difficult. Researchers have identified four main types of bullying: physical, verbal, social, and cyber. For this study, … Continue reading →

Psychology, Research, Volume 4, Volume 6

Phonological Similarity versus Semantic Similarity on False Memory Induction

Abstract The purpose of this study was to compare the efficacy of semantically and phonologically related words on false memory induction in working memory. Three groups of individuals participated. One group viewed lists of words that were phonologically similar, another group viewed semantically similar word lists, and the third group viewed arbitrarily related word lists. … Continue reading →

Psychology, Research, Volume 4

The Internal Other: Transculturation and Postcolonial Magical Realism in Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children

By Matt Szemborski, Dr. Van Ness

Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children chronicles India’s struggle for cultural unification after independence through the personal events of Saleem Sinai’s life, beginning with his birth at the exact moment of India’s partition from Pakistan in 1947.  As England leaves the crown jewel of its colonial empire, India strives to somehow meld its spiritual ancient past with … Continue reading →

English And Modern Languages, Research, Volume 4

Heat Induced Cis/Trans Isomerization in Vegetable Oils and Oleic Acid

By John-Harwood Scott, Sarah E. G. Porter

Abstract With the FDA mandating that all foodstuff labels list the amount of trans fats within their product, it becomes necessary to have a rapid and reproducible method for quantifying trans content within foods. Research has led to the advent of an analytical method that utilizes attenuated total reflectance with a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer … Continue reading →

Chemistry, Research, Volume 4

Romancing the Bite: Statistical Analysis of Young Adult Vampire Novels

By Sarah Mayfield, Leigh Lunsford, Rhonda Brock-Servais

Abstract For the past twenty years, young adult vampire literature has become increasingly popular.  In this study, we analyzed novels from this genre to determine current trends in the depiction of vampires.  Historically, vampires have been portrayed as evil, blood-sucking creatures but more recently, as our analysis shows, they are being portrayed in a positive … Continue reading →

English And Modern Languages, Math, Research, Volume 4

Analysis of Claude Monet’s Impression, Sunrise

By Jamie Yurasits

Throughout the years, Claude Monet’s Impression, Sunrise has been celebrated as the quintessential symbol of the Impressionist Movement.  This renowned work of art which illustrates a view of the port of Le Havre in north-western France is considered to be one of Monet’s “most poetic expressions” of his engagement with France’s revitalization efforts after the … Continue reading →

Art, Art, Art History, Research, Volume 4

Increasing Binding Strength for Capsaicin Analogs through Alteration of Lanthanide Chelates

By R. Kruger Bressin, Christopher G. Gulgas

Abstract Capsaicin is the molecule in peppers that produces a sensation of heat and pain when exposed to sensory nerve cells in the body.  A series of ethylenediaminetetracetate bis-amide chelates have been synthesized with regions selective for capsaicinoid binding to determine which functional groups increase overall binding strength. The initial lanthanide complexes bound capsaicinoids with … Continue reading →

Chemistry, Research, Volume 4