Morocco and the 20 February Movement

By Charles Vancampen, Gilbert Hall, Jenny Nehrt, Kasey Dye, Amanda Tharp, Jamie Leeuwrik, and Ashley McGee

Introduction Morocco is a changing country. Over the course of the last two years there has been a plethora of change and reforms which have substantially altered the political, economic, and social landscape of Morocco. The roots of this reform are based in the 20 February Movement, which was a series of protests that took … Continue reading →

History, Research, Volume 6

Wine and Society in the Viceroyalty of Peru

By Stephanie Skipp

Wine production was an economic activity in which certain social groups could act outside their regular social limitations. The two that most obviously did so were the Jesuits of Peru and women in the area of Mendoza during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. However, this mostly came about due to the specific environment of colonial … Continue reading →

History, Research, Volume 4