Value in Color

Amelia McConnell, designer
Chris Register, faculty advisor
awarded first place in the visual works category

My objective was to design an info-graphic that educates a specific audience and to package that information in a unique way to engage that audience. My target audience was graphic design seniors preparing to enter the job market.

The info-graphic is a source to compare salaries, housing, living expenses, and opportunity scores from one city to another as well as the national average. The look of the info-graphic was inspired by a Pantone booklet, but to remain faithful to the booklet’s look, I confronted a few design issues, such as selecting a readable print size and assembling the piece for ease of use by the user.

I started my design process with research to attain the different layers of information for each city. A survey of seniors in my capstone portfolio class provided my list of cities. I used several different resources to gather the most accurate information on these cities. In order to incorporate the design of a Pantone booklet, I had to integrate my information with the booklet’s various colors and structure; this created a very appealing look for the viewer. I organized the pages based on general job market information, followed by specific information about the cities. Finally, I bound the booklet with a metal clasp ring.

The final result is a unique design that offers information to college graphic design seniors to help them make good decisions about where to pursue their careers in graphic design.


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