Daphne Halloween Costume Decision

Here is a link to an article about the young boy who decided to dress as Daphne for Halloween one year.  The blog the mother wrote about it is also very interesting – both the blog and the comments responding to her give insight into how closely many people believe gendered norms should be followed, as well as the assumptions people make about sexuality and decisions to act outside of gendered norms.

The Purity Myth’s Jessica Valenti Talks Virginity, Weddings & Miss California

Click here for an interview with Jessica Valenti, author of The Purity Myth, which discusses (among other things) traditions of fathers and daughters taking part in a “virginity movement,” which focuses on daughters pledging themselves to their fathers to stay “pure” by not engaging in sexual encounters until marriage.  This movement could be discussed as part of issues related to parenting practices and what gendered norms of femininity are produced through these practices.