“Facebook is now allowing users to identify as any gender they want”

I ran across a tweet that contained a link to this article. I couldn’t think of anything more relevant to our discussions in this course. The discussion that has developed in the comments at the bottom of the page are almost as interesting as this change itself. It’s exciting to see some serious inclusion going on here. Way to go, Facebook!

Facebook Rules Changing to Address Gender-Related Hate Speech

Facebook has allowed pages and posts that celebrate assaulting women.  For example, from the article:

“Groups and images with allegedly humorous titles like “Raping a Pregnant B***h and Telling Your Friends You Had a Threesome” have always been only a click away and, under Facebook’s content policy until now, stood a better chance of surviving moderator review than photos of breastfeeding babies did.”

Click here to read an article describing the problem and how a social activist campaign has motivated Facebook to review and update their content rules.