World Language Perspectives- SPAN 210


This course expanded on my first course of Spanish. We furthered our vocabulary while focusing on learning the different past tenses in the Spanish language. Unlike our language, in Spanish verbs change endings based on their subject matter. Furthermore, the endings chosen determine the tense you are righting in. In this class we learned the imperfect tense and the preterit. Both tenses are past tense forms using in Spanish.  We continued to study the Spanish culture as well.

Dr. Smith used this course to focus on teaching us to use Spanish as a means of communicating. Thus, most of our assignments were written assignments or speaking assignments. Most of our class time was used talking to our classmates. I found this to help me form sentences quickly without translating English into Spanish, but rather forming sentences in Spanish by itself.

Below is an example of the written assignments that I was required to complete for this course. It is the forth writing activity. For this assignment we were to write as though we are advertising a hotel to a guest. Thus, we had to describe the hotel using vocabulary from the last chapter we learned this semester and using grammatical structures taught during that chapter as well.