EDUC 245

Human Growth and Development

Human Growth and Development has made a huge impact on me as a person and a future educator. There are so many events and situations that children go through that can result in good or bad outcomes for their development. Dr. Cosby was an amazing professor and taught us what this all means and how it relates to each of our future careers.

Assignments in this class were mainly projects and papers that demonstrated our knowledge behind the theories and theorists of child development such as Erik Erikson. The link below will take you to one of the projects I did in this class. For this project, we created an imaginary child in order for us to understand how the study of child development is important. I researched the effects of child abuse and neglect on child development. Due to this project, I have learned many signs that are important for future teachers, such as myself, to recognize in order to help students out of dangerous situations when possible. Without this class, and child researchers, I would have never been able to learn these signs and many other signs for other dangerous situations.

Inquiry Based Project Website Assignment