Historical and Contemporary or Behavioral and Social Perspectives- SOCL 320

Sociology of Education

Sociology of Education was a class taught by Dr. Lee M. Bidwell that I took the fall of my sophomore year. This course was especially interesting as it gave me insight as to why schools, my future work place, operate the way they do. I had never really thought about why school is structure the way it is, how or why schools were created, or how society influences schools. Schools were originally created for wealthy individuals to past time. However, was the whole become wiser, education became an essential part to our society. That is what lead us to where we are today. A system that provides a baseline education for individual to be understand, comprehend, and operate in society.

A large focus of our class was focused on an aspect of school that has impacted education, especially in recent years: violence. School violence has been an issue practically since schools began. However, in recent years bullying, fighting, and school shootings have been brought to light and school officials have begun working on ways to fix the issues and prevent them from occurring. To begin our study of school violence we were required to write a pre-study essay to demonstrate our knowledge on the subject. From there we were put into groups and assigned subtopics within school violence to research. My group specifically focused on safety regulations such as the structure and design of a school. Each group presented their finding in order to teach each other about each aspect of school violence. To sum up the lesson we wrote a post-study essay, found below, to show what we learned though our research.