Global Citizenship- SPAN 110

Introduction to Spanish

In this course I learn the beginning of Spanish. Throughout the semester we learned basic vocabulary and grammar, such as greeting words and verb structure, and learned about Hispanic cultures. In high school I never took or learned a foreign language. Thus, taking this course for me was a struggle. Learning the vocabulary was not too hard as memorization is a strong suit of mine; however, grammatical structure was extremely difficult for me to grasp. Understanding how a Spanish sentence differs from and English sentence was key for me to translate between the two languages in my head.


To practice our grammar and speech in this class, Dr. Smith assigned us countless textbook problems in class and out of class using Mindtap (a software run by Cengage that links to our online textbook). Furthermore, we also learned about Hispanic cultures throughout this class. Our final project implemented both aspects of the course. We explored a Hispanic holiday and wrote a summary on the holiday. I specifically researched La Tomatina: a holiday in Spain where those celebrating have a tomato fight.