About Me

Hi, my name is Jessica Donahue. I am a student in Longwood University’s Cormier Honors College who plans to graduate May of 2022 with a bachelors degree in mathematics secondary education and a minor in chemistry. Throughout my life I have always been in love with learning. My love began in first grade when I first began to love teaching. Since then I have always wanted to become a teacher and being at Longwood is allowing me to do


Scholarship is the first pillar of the Cormier Honors College. Good academic standing is important, but it is not everything which is why scholarship does not mean reward in my opinion. Although scholarship can be shown through academic success, I have never seen those things as the most important. In all honestly, to me scholarship means trying your hardest and focusing on learning rather than memorizing. This could mean that you get that B instead of an A, but if you know you have tried your hardest, then you should be just as proud of it as the individual that earned the A.

I have never taken a foreign language as language is a struggle for me to learn. However, I took two semesters of Spanish at Longwood. In both semesters I ended with a B, however I have never been more proud of myself than I have when completing these courses. It took me hours of studying and restless nights to get there, but it was worth it in the end to see myself achieve an academic goal that seemed impossible to reach.


Service is another pillar of the Cormier Honors College. Keeping a good academic standing, like I mentioned, is important but is not everything. If we are unable to provide service to those who need it most, then our community will be lost and we will not be good citizen leaders. We all must provide what we can for the next person in order to keep our traditions alive and protect the lives of everyone around us including ourselves. It is important to support the businesses around us and well as the people.

I serviced my community by helping incoming honors students settling into their dorms and welcoming them to their home with the Cormier Honors College. I also serviced my community at home by helping pass out living essentials to the homeless in our local parks.


The last pillar of the Cormier Honors College is community. As explained with the service pillar, we must protect our community. Our community is full of those around us that love and care about us and if we do not place importance for them, then we will not be honoring what they do for us. Within the Honors College, we develop friendships and a community that provides for us and our futures.

In my time at Longwood I have made friends with many individuals that have impacted my life for the better. The honors college allowed me a community and connection with the people and allowed me to expand that connection and form bonds that will last forever. As time goes on I get to form more connection with our growing community and form countless bonds down the road.

Letter To Senior Self

Dear Senior self,

By this point you are about to start student teaching in one semester. For starters, do not rush through this semester in order to begin your time with student teaching. You and I both know you will want to, but it is better if you take your time to relax before the stressful semester ahead. Also, this may be the last semester before your not on campus as much; so, make sure to keep your friends close! They will help keep you sane throughout the next semester of your life. Just remember that school is almost over, but that does not mean that you have to restart your life. Those that have stuck by your side thus far are still going to be there for you and if you really need it the professors at Longwood will be there if you need them.

Love your Freshman self,

Jessica Donahue