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August, 2012:

Hello world!

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Music 2 Me

Music is a bunch of noise put together that cause a reaction. It can motivate you and pump you up. It can calm you down. It can hit all the right beats and make you smile, or it can hit all the wrong ones and give you a headache. When you’re happy you enjoy the beat, and when you’re sad you hear the lyrics. Music is not “good” or “bad” nor “right or wrong.” There is no music police, there is only the listener. There is only a next and back button; if you don’t like the song, you hit the next button, if you like it you keep going back to it.   Now me personally, I hate the question “what kind of music do you like?” It is by far the worst. I don’t like “everything” or “everything except xyz…”  I like the old stuff, the new stuff, the stuff you can only find on records, the hip stuff, the strange stuff and the eclectic stuff. I feel like my taste in music very much reflects on my personality. I’m very loud and strange and different. Yes I like to fit in but I also like to stand out. Music to me is a reflection of who the artist is and how he feels. You might be like him and feel the same way, or be the polar opposite. But you only have two options, back or forward.

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