Deanna Carwile’s Internship Portfolio

My colleague, Monica, and I at the Manhattan Penthouse.

  • What challenges did you face?

In my internship with the Matchmaking Institute, one of the most significant challenges was working remotely. I needed to manage my time in a way that left me three hours of the day to work independently from home. I was often tempted to do other work, but I remained accountable to the schedule we agreed upon. In the past, the organization I worked with did not have interns working effectively for them. There was a lack of instruction that required me to figure out how to accomplish the tasks assigned to me, but this forced me to work with my fellow intern, Monica, and improved my independent work ethic.

  • How has it affected your career search?

I learned a lot about an industry I knew very little about. I know how experience with event planning in a for profit environment, but I don’t think I want to be an event planner or coordinator in my career. I learned about interesting positions in the matchmaking industry, like recruiters, who are employed by matchmakers to go seek out single men or women to add to a matchmaker’s database of potential clients or matches for clients. Recruiters must be very charismatic, confident, and comfortable with striking up conversations with strangers. They must also be persuasive and subtle, so as not to annoy a potential recruit. The idea of working for someone by going out to socialize is very intriguing, but I see little future for me in this career.

  • Have you gained the skills you hoped you would detailed in the 1st journal entry? Why or why not?

I absolutely gained skills in persuasion when I was required to reach out to potential sponsors and guests. I was required to call matchmakers who were not certified by the Institute and explain why attending our conference would be a good idea. In one call, I spoke with a matchmaker who had a poor experience with our organization. I was unexpectedly forced to justify our organization to a professional in the industry. I was caught off guard but it improved my conflict resolution skills. I did gain more experience in how to manage time effectively, which was another goal.

I took this photo at the conference. Harvey Goldberg was my favorite speaker at the conference. He discussed how to handle triggers in daily life.

I took this photo at the conference. Harvey Goldberg was my favorite speaker at the conference. He discussed how to handle triggers in daily life.


  • Did you achieve the goals you set during your performance evaluation? How so?

My goal of improving work ethic was reached. By the end of my internship I had a schedule that I stuck to and I was able to stay on track each day. In addition, I did gain more confidence speaking to professionals in the industry. This included potential sponsors but not members of the press, as I anticipated. I did learn more about how to plan a successful event, but I believe this is a skill that is gained more effectively through the actual experience than through instruction. In other words, I would gain more skills and knowledge from planning more events than I did from just a single conference and the instruction and mentoring that accompanied it. Trial and error paired with feedback from event attendees, and then implementation in the future, would create a more appropriate incubator for learning.

  • How do you feel you were mentored

I was mentored well and my supervisor was always accessible to answer questions. This was important to me as I was working from home. She made sure to check on my progress and was flexible with my schedule. She identified my strengths and gave me tasks that were related to them, making me feel appreciated and noticed by my superiors. When I attended the actual conference, I was very pleased to meet my supervisor, CEO, and founder of the Institute when I attended the actual conference, and they made it a very valuable learning experience for me. They taught me how to travel and work out of state by myself, as well as work with international love industry professionals.

  • Would you suggest this organization/company to future students seeking internships?

I thoroughly enjoyed my internship with the Matchmaking Institute and I would recommend it to someone with event planning experience and patience. There is a significant amount of independent work, so any student who required more guidance and advice is less likely to succeed and enjoy the internship.

I loved working from home.

I loved working from home.

Work Samples:

Conference Website Audit: Deanna Carwile

The first assignment I received in my internship was to perform an audit of the conference website. My supervisor asked me to go through the site and check all the links for functionality, as well as check for spelling and grammar in the copy. The format was flexible, and my supervisor responded through comments on the document.

Conference Itinerary Draft

I was also tasked with creating an itinerary for the conference that could be sent to attendees. It needed to include the schedule of the day for attendees, as well as the locations of the events and the expected attire. This will be added to the manual for future conference planning.

Goodie Bag Items, Potential Sponsors

Much of my work involved brainstorming and receiving feedback about my ideas. This was one of the early lists that encompasses all my brainstorming about potential sponsors and items to include in the goodie bag. I included links and quotes about how much they would cost and where to order them. This was later edited and added to the Manual for future interns and conference planning.

Master Executive Matchmaker Certification

This is a link to an evaluation survey I created for part of the conference. The conference offered an executive training class for attendees of the conference who bought a silver or platinum pass. My supervisor recognized my affinity for research and gave me this job. I used the knowledge I gained in Public Relations research to craft a survey that satisfied this request.

2017 MMI Annual Matchmakers Dating Coaches Conference Manual

This is the final piece of work that is the culmination of my internship. The format was provided but I created the template emails, my fellow intern and I collaborated on other sections like the lists.

Posts for Social

This spreadsheet encompasses all the drafts of the social media posts that my fellow intern and I created over the course of the semester. We uploaded the drafts to HootSuite for approval from the administrators and supervisor. Some samples are included below. These posts were created to be shared across social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Swan+quote Singles Events-If you're giving love and not receiving it, you're not in the right relationship. If you're receiving it and not giving it than you are taking advantage of the other person.-Expert Matchmakers Toss Their Two Cents

registration reminder Facebook post










Final Portfolio

During my internship this last semester was interesting. I say interesting because I didn’t expect my work environment to be the way that it was. The work environment was fine until my supervisor went on maternity leave. When she was there it seemed that I always had something to get accomplished. Once she left I had to answer to two other professional staff members in the office. These individuals also had their own interns, which made it difficult to do their own work and also keep up with me. The office was very lucky this year to have five student workers as well as two graduate assistants. I think that this is the reason I did not have much to do in the office because we have so many workers.

Along with challenges come advantages of working at Career Services. I learned through this internship as well as other opportunities that I want to work in a college setting with students. During the semester I had the opportunity to help fellow students edit their resumes and cover letters. This was a highlight of my internship simply because it made me feel accomplished and helped my self-confidence immensely.

In my first journal entry I talked about wanting to gain more creativity. I do believe that although it isn’t as much as I had hoped, I did gain some more creativity. I did this when there was not really tasks that needed to be done. I had to be creative and figure out what I could do so that I was not just doing nothing.

I do think that my goals in my performance evaluation were attainable. However, I wish I had payed more attention to those goals and really tried to accomplish them in a bigger capacity. Once our office moved over to Maugans from Lancaster and merged officially with the Alumni Office, is when things sort of went downhill. As they went downhill it just made me not want to come into work at all. Since I didn’t have a direct supervisor at work I was given small tasks that in movies are often just called tasks for the intern. I would do things such as make copies, run errands, and just cleanup work that someone else didn’t have time for. Don’t get me wrong I was grateful for every task I was given no matter how small. Keeping busy is good for me and helps pass the time. But that just made me more excited to apply for jobs that I want to pour my whole heart into.

I think that the professional staff in Alumni and Career Services all have the potential to be great mentors. I was able to be mentored by my direct supervisor and formed a relationship. The other staff are all very friendly and helpful as well. I think that as an intern I learned more than I realize I did. This office helped me become more confident in myself and also how to keep busy.

Overall I enjoyed working with the professional staff as well as the other student workers. I think depending on the person I would suggest this organization for a future internship. To do this internship you have to be interested in managing social media outlets, creating digital content for advertising and completing office hours where sometimes you don’t have anything to do for hours.

The majority of the work I did during this internship was tweeting and creating a career monthly newsletter. The tweets would vary ranging from information about Career Services to upcoming events and motivational quotes.

ex of work 2ex of work

Here are two examples of tweets that get tweeted out daily.

One of the other big projects I did was the Career monthly newsletter. I created and designed this newsletter on a site called Emma. Since it is on a site such as Emma I was unable to download it to a PDF. The monthly newsletter highlights any new information UCS wants to promote as well as reminders for upcoming events. At the end of the newsletter is an alumni spotlight in which the alumni answers career questions. This newsletter is sent out via Emma to the student body. It is an important project for UCS because it gets the word out about different events and even resources that UCS offers.


Another large project I have been helping with in the office is prep work for the Mega Reunion coming up in early June. There is a lot that is going into this reunion to gain alumni attention and get them to attend. One particular event that is taking place is the singing of the “Alma Mater” in the Rotunda. This is a special small ceremony type event that will help alumni reminisce on what they used to do when they attended Longwood.

Below are some pictures of me working the front desk in Maugans Alumni Center. Some tasks I do at the desk include tweeting, answering phones, making appointments, and greeting anyone that may come in to the office. The picture on the left you can see me working on the computer and the other picture I can be seen calling alumni to give them information on the Mega Reunion.workin 2

workin hard

Journal 5

This past year this internship has for sure been a journey. A journey where things are sometimes great, and others are not so great. There is always a lesson to be learned and experience to be obtained from something that throws you out of your comfort zone.

Self disclosure can be defined as voluntary sharing of personal information with another person. This happens to everyone when you start to become comfortable with your surroundings. Self disclosure has played a huge role in the experiences I have had at Career Services. It has helped my everyday work ethic to have people to talk to and share personal interests and values with. It seems to effect everyone in a work office and in my opinion helps the environment to remain a positive space.

When you think about cultivation theory you probably don’t see how this relates to a job and how I have witnessed this theory throughout the internship. First, cultivation theory is when TV users start believing that their everyday lives are similar to that of a TV show. Television makes us believe that it is a mean and intense world we live in. Exaggeration is a term that describes this theory well.

I have witnessed this in my internship by being exactly that, an intern. A lot of the time in TV shows and movies the intern is always the worker who gets all the busy work and sometimes tasks that are not that important. Some of these tasks include being the point person in the office while the professional staff works remote AKA office hours, making copies, and cleaning out storage spaces. This is how I feel when I am at work. It definitely has showed me what I don’t want to do and also what kind of boss or supervisor I want to be when that time comes.

Journal 4

In my opinion the communication studies department all together prepares you for your internship. Each class is unique and prepares you not only from the content of the class but also from the professor. However if I had to choose a few classes I would say that the three classes that have helped me prepare for this internship the most are conflict resolution, intercultural communication, and gender and communication. Conflict resolution was an interesting course. The name describes it the best; conflict. This class was all about c0nflict resolution and different ways to resolve a conflict. Whether it be with roommates, classmates, friends, or family, the class prepares you for different kinds of conflict.

Intercultural communication prepared me for this internship by preparing me for cultural differences on campus. With some of the tasks I have to do such as resume reviews it is important to understand cultural differences. For example I had to help an international student edit her resume. Because of this class it helped me be more patient and understanding if I couldn’t understand something she said.

Gender and communication prepared me in similar ways that intercultural did. Bringing awareness to sex and gender is important in a college setting. Students are learning about themselves from being away from home for the first time. When students, faculty, and staff come into Career Services I have to be aware that not everyone identifies the same way.

Internship Journal 3

In two weeks I have learned many new skills related to graphic design. I was instructed to create social media content for the various platforms for MMI. I created images for the articles we shared, in addition to writing drafts of the copy to accompany the image. In addition, I researched uncertified matchmakers and practiced my data entry skills with GoogleSheets. I became familiarized with HootSuite and I learned how to upload and create content on that platform. The social media content I created was critiqued, so I learned how to apply constructive criticism to my work to make a better version.

The most difficult challenge I’ve faced has dealt with making cold calls. The Matchmaking Institute wanted me to reach out to uncertified matchmakers to give them more information about the upcoming conference and attempt to persuade them to sign up. I was very nervous to do this the first time, and the signal was not very good. The client grew frustrated because she couldn’t hear me and I fumbled over myself trying to troubleshoot. The next client I called was snippy and asked questions I wasn’t prepared for, so I tripped over that, too. While those were the only clients I actually spoke with, I am actively learning how to stay professional on the telephone in numerous circumstances.

These experiences are helping me to think on my feet in front of a client or potential client. I am learning how to save face when I am unable to control the circumstances around me. Additionally, I am learning about the different platforms available for professionals: Canva is a graphic design site and HootSuite is for social media. I learned how to use RingCentral, an application that lets me make phone calls from a number alternate to my own personal line. These are all applications that I may encounter in my future career, so practicing with them now is very helpful.

Journal 3

In my last blog I talked about gaining the confidence to help student’s revise their cover letters. To my surprise from the time I submitted my last journal to now I have done just that! I have not only completed a cover letter review but also a few resume reviews. This has boosted my confidence while working in the office. One resume review session that I had challenged me a bit more than usual. An international student came in with her resume wanting help on how to correct the changes we previously suggested for her resume. The challenge of this was the language barrier. Luckily the student was fluent in English and I was able to work with her with very few problems. The challenge that I faced was having to be patient and utilize good listening skills. The session ended up being successful and I was able to push through till the end.

Another small challenge I have been dealing with that I have touched on before is my supervisor being on maternity leave. The new challenge that has come from this has to do with routines and tasks that I had done a certain way with Ashley. The supervisors that I work with now are not used to how I am completing the tasks and I forget to tell them when new things arise. This is something I will work on and change.

Everything I do in the office is helping me seek a future career. The work I do is helping me see what I like to do and what I don’t like to do. The work I am doing is also giving me office and job experience that I can take with me when I have a job after graduation. Working with career services and interacting with different types of people, has made me realize I am interested in the field of higher education.



Journal 2

“Change is inevitable but growth is optional.” That is something big that I have learned during my time at this internship. No matter what happens and what changes you always have to be up for it because, well, sometimes you don’t have any control over the changes. The biggest change that I have to accommodate to is my supervisor going on maternity leave. With this change I have been temporarily assigned a new supervisor. Working with someone new you have to learn how they are and how they want your work ethic to be. Slowly but surely I have also learned more about cover letter revising. My goal before the end of the semester is to be confident enough to help a student revise their cover letter.

Some general challenges I have run into are few and far between. I thoroughly enjoy working for this office because everything is very organized. I know what my tasks are and know when they need to be completed by. In any work place along with challenges come moments of peace per say. When I walk into work the atmosphere is always positive and I don’t feel stressed. I compare this to a job I previously had on campus. I would dread going and I hated the hours that I had. However, I am thankful that the job I had taught me so much that I can take with me to my current job.

All of the experiences I have at my internship now, my last job, and just on campus in general help me seek my future career. The experiences give me light to what I really want to be doing and what I do not want to do. I may be one of the only students, but I am very thankful that Longwood requires us to have an internship. It truly helps you develop skills for when you are looking for jobs post graduation.


Journal 1

This internship is a continuation from last semester. My official title is a student marketing intern for the Office of Alumni and Career Services working under Ashley Crute. However, I mostly work for the career services side. My main task this semester is creating a marketing plan for the first destination survey. The first destination survey is a survey that collects information from college seniors ands recent graduates to track their progress in the workplace six months after graduation. It also provides trends and data to show the importance of higher education. Another task I am working on is a student monthly career newsletter. This will have things on it such as an alumni spotlight, as well as events going on for the office.

The one skill I have that I know I will use multiple times during this internship is my ability to be personable in all circumstances. At my internship a lot of the time I am sitting at the front desk greeting faculty, staff, and students who may come into Career Services. Also while sitting at the desk there is a possibility that I will have to answer phones as well as talking to people in person. This is where my people skills come into play. Another skill I possess is my ability to be innovative. When given tasks to complete I am able to take the task and make something new and creative with it. For example, one of my tasks I mentioned above is the monthly newsletter. This is a completely new resource that Career Services is offering for students and alumni. I hope to gain more creativity from this experience. I feel as though I am creative but it just takes me some time and working with others for my creative side to come out. I am excited to see where this internship takes me this next month as January is almost over!

Taking this experience [from the food bank] to the bank

As I happily reflect,  know that I am still in disbelief that it is already time to wrap my internship with FACES food pantry. Through out my time with FACES, I was given challenges, projects, advice and an irreplaceable experience. My struggles aren’t complaints. In fact, they may be what I am most grateful for. I have a great love for FACES food pantry. I guarantee its impact on me and the community will long outlast my residency in Farmville. With all that being said, below you’ll find my not so sugarcoated reflection of my experience.

Easy as Pie?

Whoever said making pie was easily obviously hasn’t made pie crust from scratch. I’m going to be presumptuous and say that whoever that was bought the already made dough and filling. PIE IS NOT EASY. Pie dough is actually super finicky and you have to work worth it a lot until you get it right. So, contrary to popular comparison, I would say this internship was as challenging as a homemade pie crust with no rolling pin, while you are almost out of flour. To put it simply, it was tough.  Maybe this is going to make me seem like the young and inexperienced twenty-one year old that I am, but it was more work than I anticipated. Behind the chaos that any volunteer can see, there are about six or seven main individuals behind the curtain making a majority of the calls. Prior to my internship I had this idea that ,because they were all working for the same cause, they would be a harmonious and agreeable group of leaders. That was a bit unrealistic of me, I must admit. I thought that everyone would be on the same page. However, sometimes people weren’t on the same page. Sometimes it was because they didn’t want to be and other times because they were caught unaware. When it comes down to it, tough decisions have to be made and in many cases strong opinions have to conceit to move forward.  At times it was hard to watch because the tension seemed unresolved. This was tough to get used to and sometimes hard to work with. The most challenging part of my internship for me personally, was finding who to take orders from. It seemed easiest to just follow my supervisor, however, while she is influential she doesn’t make all the calls and listening to her over another could disrupt the system. I struggled to feel comfortable while making decisions in the heat of the moment. It was difficult learning to find and test my limits. I wanted to be challenged with the projects I took on, but I also didn’t want to overestimate my abilities. I wanted to be ambitious and rational which to too often presented me with an internal struggle that I didn’t know how to fight. Begrudgingly, I confess that some days I put too much pressure on myself and became emotionally drained. Some days it was hard to submit to my alarm’s demands. It was hard to ask people for help. All in all this was very hard, but more than anything it was worth it.

Not quite my Niche

I would like to pursue an organization that has the mission that FACES does, however, I do not feel like a food pantry is necessarily where I’ll find my niche. FACES has both reaffirmed and challenged what I thought I wanted to do. It is an organization centered around the idea of “neighbors helping neighbors”. I love that. It doesn’t make volunteers out to be hero that above those they serve. It implies a relationship that comes with responsibility to take care of one another rather than a self-righteous obligation. Whether it be a non-profit or another organization with a mission, I’d like to establish relationships with other groups of people for a greater cause. I want to pursue a career that allows me to help to create a culture that considers community to be more than people within a proximity. In my job search I will undoubtedly need to find an organization with a mission I am passionate about, but I will not necessarily limit that to a non-profit. This experience has given me an idea of what to look for.

I’ve still got Goals to reach and work to do 

I’m happy with how I’ve evolved thus far, but I am fully aware that I’ve still got a lot of growing to do.
I’ve learned how to work under pressure, serve along side others, manage people, and use my time wisely. As my roles changed from week to week, I’ve also learned to be a part of a team, follow directions, and to take initiative. I’m still working on it, but I learned to be respectful yet assertive while devising tasks. I’ve gotten less apologetic and more bold in my request. I’m still learning, but have gotten better at being more clear and confident while asking for help. I’ve have a better idea of how to reach out, create, and promote with other organizations and businesses. Creating awareness is an exciting challenge that takes some trail and error. This has reinforced the importance of creating and maintaining genuine relationships with others.

I achieved my goals though listening to my supervisor and doing what was asked of me. Each week I met with my supervisor and she gave me the promotional tasks such as the press release and list of events she had me attend. My supervisor, Linda, has always been honest with me. She also let me know what I needed to work on and let me know when she was impressed. She gave me tips for each fundraiser and event. She helped me learn how to approach people and to not be afraid to use my personality. She let me know how tough it can be working with a non-profit organization but also encouraged me to stick with it.

This is a flyer I made and distributed from a donation drive held at, a local coffee shop, Uptown Cafe.


10/10 would intern again 

I would suggest this internship to anyone who wants to be challenged an help. It may not be super organized, professional, or convenient but it is influential. It gives you great real life experience through its press releases, advertising, fundraising, and interpersonal skills. I cannot imagine that anyone could come out of this internship with the same perspective you walked in with.

I cannot stress enough that all the early mornings, sacrificed Saturdays, hard work, and necessary chaos are worth it in the end. As much as I wanted to help my neighbors, my neighbors helped me.

Volunteers from Longwood the morning of distribution.

Happy volunteers from Longwood one Saturday morning after distribution.


Journal 5

Nonverbal communication is one communication theory that I used a lot during the semester while I was working with Career Services. This is an important theory and concept to be able to pick up on in everyday life. Since my internship experience started off a lot later than all of the other student workers it was very important that I noticed everyone’s nonverbal cues and communication and payed attention to it. As the semester went on I was able to pick up on the nonverbal communication my co workers and supervisors gave because I had spent more time with them. Non verbal communication is just as important if not more important than verbal communication because a lot of the time people will not always say what they are feeling.

I thought about what other theory went well with my internship and thought about polarized thinking. Julia T. Wood states that thinking that someone or something is male or female or that something is right or wrong is polarized thinking. Working in a field and job such as career services it is important to pay attention to this concept. When working with college students it is important to not always assume one thing or the other or one extreme to the other. We shouldn’t assume things and instead educate ourselves and ask questions as much as possible.