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Real Girls Aren’t Perfect, Perfect Girls Aren’t Real

If I asked a woman to describe what they imagine their ideal man to look like, what would they say? Probably something along the lines of, “muscular, tall, a nice smile, good hair, and pretty eyes.” Similarly, if I were to ask a man to describe what their ideal woman looked like, they would respond […]

Tomboy to Tiara

Have you ever seen a child act out in public and their parent turns to them and says something like, ” Where did you learn to act like that?” I have. Now think about that, where did they learn to act that way? From their friends at school or from TV maybe? Now put that […]

Just a Small Town Girl, Livin’ In A Child-Free World.

It seems that this day and age, it is becoming more prevalent to see couples without any children. Many couples are choosing not to procreate for various reasons. One of those reasons being that they simply do not want children. … Continue reading 

Seeing Pink: How Pink Toe Nail Polish Destroys Lives (but only if you’re a boy)

OK, I admit it.  When I was growing up I apparently did something horrible to my brother.  I encouraged him to dress like a girl when we were playing games.  I may have even painted his toe nails once or twice.  Little did I know that by engaging in this behavior we were running a …

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