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Just when you thought he was the damsel

Everyone loves Frozen. One sister races after the other to save her and the guy gets the boot in the end. Wow, I love the 21st century vibes. We’ve brought ourselves into this mindset that advertisers, T.V. shows, and movies alike are looking to transcend old-fashioned views of gender roles, but is that really the … Continue reading Just when you thought he was the damsel

Heteronormativity? More like hetero-no-way-I’d-consider-your-sexual-identity-legitimate.

Every walk of life under sun can be marginalized.  Categories upon categories upon subcategories can be set to file people under.  Humans are notoriously good …

Embracing Who I Am

Well hello there! Let me first introduce myself! My name is Jessica Salazar and I am currently a junior at Longwood University. I am studying Communication Studies with a concentration in public relations and interpersonal communication. I live full-time in Farmville but my hometown is in the Northern Virginia area. I am employed at a […]

If I were a boy… I think I could…?

Well, first things first, my name’s Meghan Enzinna. My parents thought I was a boy for most of my preexistence, I was actually supposed to be Nathan. I’ve offered up my name for bargaining purposes before, but it didn’t work most of the time. Now that I am a junior in college, a communication studies … Continue reading If I were a boy… I think I could…?

COMMunity Intro. Chris W.

Hey there everyone, names Chris and it’s a pleasure to meet you all. I am a senior here at Longwood and I am majoring in Communication Studies with a focus in Public Relations. I am member of Longwood PRSSA and I originate from Arizona, but live in Danville, VA. I’m a simple, polite, easy-going guy … Continue reading COMMunity Intro. Chris W.

In a COMMunity of Emily’s, Meet Emily Porter!

Hi there! My name is Emily Porter and I’m a junior at Longwood. While I was in high school I found my passion within Communications studies while I was a student of my high school’s Mass Communications Specialty Program. Today I continue my Communications studies with a concentration in Public Relations and a Business Administration minor. Since […]

Salutations, friends!

My name is Mandi. I usually introduce myself as Mandi with an“I”. Which may seem irrelevant but I feel like it suits me. Now that we are officially acquainted, I am going to go ahead and go out on a ledge and say that I am probably one of the most grotesquely optimistic individuals you … Continue reading Salutations, friends!

Be you, boo boo!

Hey there friends! My names is Phillip Scruggs, but most folks around here call me Phill (but to each is own, I don’t have a preference really). I’m originally from Midlothian, Virginia, just outside of Richmond (I grew up a river rat by the James river, admittedly so) . I am currently a senior studying … Continue reading Be you, boo boo!

Attention Bloggers, I’m home!!!

Seeking Truth  If you are reading this blog, you have amazing taste in seeking truth and communicating with others in ways that allow you to express yourself and also have a bit of fun. I am one who strives to… continue reading »

A Girl With a Boy’s Name

Hello my name is Drew Pelkey. Because most people first hear my name, they think I am a boy; they get a shocking surprise that I am female.  I am a junior at Longwood University and majoring in Communications Studies, concentration in Public Relations. I was born in Goochland Virginia, member of a six-person family. […]