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Stop the Bullies…CYBER bullies!

We live in a technology filled world. But what happens when boys and girls aren’t using technology in a positive way? U R SO DUMB, U HAVE NO FRIENDS, NO 1 LIKES U, UR A SLUT, UR A FAG. These … Continue reading

“She was totally asking for it.” Rape: The Loud Truth

Don’t wear that dress, it sends the wrong message. Don’t drink too much, it’s not very “lady like”. Don’t go back to his apartment tonight, you don’t want him to think you’re easy. Don’t act like such a slut. These are all comments we’ve said, that have been said to us, or that we’ve at […]

“Fat” and Happy

To be the “ideal woman” one must be skinny, by American standards. Typically a woman is said to be obsessed with losing weight, getting into a smaller jean size and making sure she looks attractive for everyone else. However some women, like me, are okay with being bigger. Not obese, but being healthy and being […]