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Does This Match My Eyes?

Just the other day I was strolling through GameStop to feed my gaming curiosity. As I was browsing the shelves to find the right game, I noticed a toddler running around with a smile widespread across his face. He was admiring the cardboard cutouts of all the superheroes and game characters, and his mother was […]

Beyoncé in Gender!

What happened? The Grammy’s set the stage for some powerful messages regarding love this past week.  Macklemore’s performance of his song “Same Love”, in conjunction with Queen Latifah marrying 33 couples which were a mix of heterosexual and homosexual, was moving and put the topic of same sex marriages out in the open.  But while […]

Stepping Out of the Toy Box

There’s no denying that children’s toys are marketed by gender. Walk through the pink, princess packed, plastic-gem encrusted isles of your local Toy’s R Us and you’ll see it for yourself. These isles are “supposed” to be for little girls – and majority of the children you will see playing on the boxes of these toys…

Think like a Man, Born like a Lady

Are you male or female? It seems like an easy question right? For some yes, for others I’ve come to realize it’s the farthest thing from easy. Imagine walking into an emergency room with concussion like symptoms. The nurse examines you and fills out the form saying you are a female, and you leave it […]

Can I fit in Barbie’s Jeans?

I didn’t like the color pink and Barbie dolls frustrated me. They weren’t as mobile or resilient as my guy friend’s G.I. Joe’s. Babies that cooed and cried frightened me. When I looked at the slim figure of a doll my parents bought me, I knew the doll wasn’t accurate. Maybe that’s why I didn’t […]

Growing Up in Society as ‘Just A Girl’

The title of one of No Doubt’s biggest hits, Just A Girl, says a lot about the context of the song, before you even get around to hearing it. Gwen Stefani, front woman of the band, wrote the song to challenge what society had previously thought and seen about what a lead female singer would […]

Seeing Pink: How Pink Toe Nail Polish Destroys Lives (but only if you’re a boy)

OK, I admit it.  When I was growing up I apparently did something horrible to my brother.  I encouraged him to dress like a girl when we were playing games.  I may have even painted his toe nails once or twice.  Little did I know that by engaging in this behavior we were running a …

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