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Welcome to COMM/WGST 470 Gender & Communication Blogs!

I’m an athletic woman, so I like to dress up when I go out so people recognize my feminine side.

My girlfriend always wants to talk abut our relationship – why can’t we just enjoy each other’s company?

As a guy, people expect me to put up a fight when I’m insulted or I get called a pussy.

When I was a kid, my Mom cut my hair short and the kids at school called me a boy.  I cried and couldn’t wait for it to grow back out!

A baby girl!  She’s so pretty and sweet!

A real man can provide for his family.

I’m a feminist, but sometimes I don’t think others know what that means.

Communication is a element of our lives so fundamental we often forget we are engaging in it.  But if you think about it, communication – both in routine everyday interactions and in life changing moments – profoundly shapes and changes your gendered identity .

How we talk to and nonverbally communicate with one another develops how we believe we should act as women and men.  Beyond that, communication with others shapes how we envision ourselves and how we judge those around us.  Sometimes this communication restricts what we believe is possible for ourselves.  Other times it enriches our lives by opening up new forms of personal expression.  Communication about gender is a vital factor in crafting our identities.

That’s where this blog comes in – to explore some of the complex issues we face in our personal relationships and society in crafting gendered norms.  What you’ll see here is the work of Longwood University Communication Studies students who are delving into the routine and the extraordinary moments of gendered communication that shape our lives.

Their task is to demonstrate for you how to better understand and expand your understanding of gendered norms based upon the research findings of communication scholarship and other helpful sources.   So explore, respond, and enjoy!