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HONS 295

I was a student in a Sociology and Statistics interdisciplinary course. We had a general topic that we studied as a class: what are lasting effects of the school closings in Prince Edward County. After a crash course on how to do the project, the class split into groups and studied an even more specific topic. My group consisted of Emilia Gamble, Torie Allen, and Walter Coleman. We studied the overall change in the black population in Prince Edward and surrounding counties and how that compared to the percentage of black students in public schools. Below is the poster we presented.

I found this course to be interesting. It was not necessarily the topic I found interesting, but rather the process. And a process it was indeed. This is probably the largest group project I have ever done, both in terms of scale and number of members. We had to search through records that I did not know were available to the public. I also learned how to make a research poster and then present the poster. I would say this class turned out to be a success for me.

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