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CMSC 210

Below is a block of code used for a page I created for CMSC 210.

<!doctype html>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">
        $a11="<input type='radio' value='olf' name = 'sm'>An Olf</input><br>";
        $a12="<input type='radio' value='smello' name = 'sm'>A Smello</input><br>";
        $a13="<input type='radio' value='scentsy' name = 'sm'>A Scentsy</input><br>";
        $a14="<input type='radio' value='pf' name = 'sm'>A Powerfart</input><br>";

        $a21="<input type='radio' value='tux' name = 'lm'>Tux</input><br>";
        $a22="<input type='radio' value='GUI' name = 'lm'>penGUIn</input><br>";
        $a23="<input type='radio' value='flop' name = 'lm'>Flopperstein</input><br>";
        $a24="<input type='radio' value='sw' name = 'lm'></input>Sir Waddles<br>";

        $a31="<input type='radio' value='DE' name = 'gb'>Germany</input><br>";
        $a32="<input type='radio' value='US' name = 'gb'>The U.S.</input><br>";
        $a33="<input type='radio' value='CH' name = 'gb'>China</input><br>";
        $a34="<input type='radio' value='KN' name = 'gb'>Kenya</input><br>";

        $q1="<span>What is the name of the standardized unit of smell?</span><br>";
        $q2="<img src = ''><br><span>What is the name of the Linux Mascot?</span><br>";
        $q3="<span>Where were gummy bears invented?</span><br>";
        $q1= $q1.$answers1[0].$answers1[1].$answers1[2].$answers1[3];
        $q2= $q2.$answers2[0].$answers2[1].$answers2[2].$answers2[3];
        $q3= $q3.$answers3[0].$answers3[1].$answers3[2].$answers3[3];
    Quiz Part 1
    <form method="post" action="page2.php">
            echo $questions[0]."<br>";
            echo $questions[1]."<br>";
            echo $questions[2]."<br>";
        <button type="submit">Click me to go to the next page.</button>

This class was a split section class and both sections had lecture at the same time. The Honors section received different assignments however. Our assignments were more “real world” or “applied”. For the most part, we determined the content of the sites that we created, while following a basic structure of requirements. I quite enjoyed taking this class. There was a lot of room for creativity and the assignments were fun to put together. When I finished an assignment and looked at it, I experienced a great feeling of “I made this”.

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