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Goal 1 – LSEM 100

Longwood Seminar (LSEM) is a class for students in their first semester at Longwood, typically aimed at first year students. It aims to help students understand and adapt to college life.

Below is my final paper for the First Year Reading Experience. We had to connect the things we learned in LSEM to things we found inĀ The Other Wes Moore.

Being a member of the Honors college, I took an Honors section of LSEM. This means that instead of taking the class with other students in my major, I took it with fellow honors members. This class definitely helped me to get acquainted with the people that lived around me as well as showing me parts of Longwood and Farmville I did not yet know existed. This class exposed me to different types of assignments I might have to do, many of which I would rather not have to do again but such is life.

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