Honors Course Highlights

Computer Science 210 – Web Design and Scripting

Honors 295 – Special Topic

Longwood Seminar 100

Math 171 – Statistical Decision Making

Sociology 101 – Principles of Sociology

LSEM 100

I participated in an Honors section of LSEM 100. Click here to read more about the course.

SOCL 101

I participated in an Honors section of SOCL 101 as a part of an honors interdisciplinary link course. Click here for the link course. Click here for the sociology course.

MATH 171

The following spreadsheet is the data I collected with Emilia Gamble for our project for the class.   Taking statistics taught me a few things, about myself and about starting college courses. I rediscovered that I really am not a morning person and that I am not a huge fan of 8AM classes. All joking …

HONS 295

I was a student in a Sociology and Statistics interdisciplinary course. We had a general topic that we studied as a class: what are lasting effects of the school closings in Prince Edward County. After a crash course on how to do the project, the class split into groups and studied an even more specific …

CMSC 210

Below is a block of code used for a page I created for CMSC 210. <!doctype html> <html> <head> <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”http://cs.longwood.edu/~carneyjs/210/FunQuiz/styles.css”>     <?php         $a11=”<input type=’radio’ value=’olf’ name = ‘sm’>An Olf</input><br>”;         $a12=”<input type=’radio’ value=’smello’ name = ‘sm’>A Smello</input><br>”;         $a13=”<input type=’radio’ value=’scentsy’ name = ‘sm’>A Scentsy</input><br>”;         $a14=”<input …

CMSC 340

CMSC 340, or Linux System Administration, is a class based on the LPI Linux Essentials Certification course. The class is intended to introduce the basics of system administration, such as installing a Linux system, creating and deleting users, setting file permissions, and writing scripts to automate tasks. This class was the reason I am considering …

GNED 400

I participated in an Honors section of GNED 400. Click here to read more about the course.

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