Data Sets of Occupation and Educational Attainment of Herndon, VA

These data sets are about my home town of Herndon Virginia which is located in Northern Virginia right outside the D.C. area. This area has grown to become very diverse with many different groups of people. Herndon is in Fairfax County School District which is one of the top districts in the country. I thought these two data sets would help show the different groups of people in this area and also the education level of this town.

When looking  at the two charts side by side you can see similarities and differences. When comparing them to one another you can see 50% of the people in Herndon are Civilians employed population 16 years and over.  This resinates  with the Educational Attainment and the portion of population 25 years and over that make up 25%. Data can be hard to view when it is all just numbers on a spread sheet but turning things into graphs and charts can help break down and help visualize the data in a helpful way. Circle graphs are great at showing the data and the percentages of a whole when you break things down.




  • Residential Learning
  • Intro to Teaching
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Introduction to Ethics
  • Elementary Classroom Writing
  • Grammar: Theory and Practice
  • Children’s Literature


These are some of my Longwood course that I have taken that have benefited me to becoming an expert as a Resident Assistant and go along with my minor. My Residential Learning class gave me all the knowledge for becoming a Resident Assistant. The class taught me how to deal with situations, residents, and everything else in the job. Human Growth and Development and Intro to Teaching also helped me to learn teaching and skills of how to deal with people over all. My Ethics course helped with teaching me how people think differently and what different people find to be socially expectable. For my Children’s Literature minor, I have already taken some of the classes. These classes were a joy to take and I found them to be interesting and fun. This is why I picked it as my minor and will continue to take classes to finish it.

About Me

One field that I am an expect in is being a Resident Assistant. With my three years of Resident Assistant experience I have had a great deal of leadership and work experience due to this amazing opportunity Longwood gave me. Through many years of training and hands-on situation I have learned a great deal of information of how to deal with conflict, confrontation, and living situation involving students. Learning these skills through professional training by experienced staff and administrative staff at Longwood has benefited me greatly. Being a leader as a Resident Assistant has given me many opportunities to branch out and learn more about Higher Education and working as a team. Being part of a staff of around ten people has taught me a great deal about team work and leadership. Having the opportunity to be in charge of a work center and also working alongside Commuter Assistant to plan programs for students.

Before becoming a Resident Assistant, I worked as a head coach for girls’ soccer through Herndon Youth Soccer Association. This experienced helped me become a leader to younger girls and help them grow as athletes. Having to deal with conflict and confrontation with younger children helped me when having to deal with these problems as a Resident Assistant. This experience also gave me the opportunity to be a leader and work with other a big association that I have been a part of for a long time. Over all this experience as a head coach has helped me during my Resident Assistant job.

To craft or not to craft

Creativity can be expressed in many ways in the classroom.  I am a strong advocate of hands-on learning using crafting to help build lessons and make them more dynamite.  After reading a short article/blog post “Bring Crafting to the Classroom”  about incorporating crafting into the classroom it has made me see more and more benefits of bringing it into the classroom. It brought up some great reason why letting children be creative in the classroom and benefit them in the learning world.  Having children of any age create crafts in the classroom can help them with social skills and better help them understand the topic at hand. Having hands-on activities like a craft  can help children that have learning disabilities with learning in a different way than just being taught on a screen. The article talks about taking a simple lesson and adding a craft in the middle can help children get up and be active during the lesson. Having them make something small as an individual or as a big group with the whole class, a craft can be beneficial for children to see the topic at hand in a different way. Even having children make there own name tags about thereselves  can be a great activity to get the creative thoughts going.