• Residential Learning
  • Intro to Teaching
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Introduction to Ethics
  • Elementary Classroom Writing
  • Grammar: Theory and Practice
  • Children’s Literature


These are some of my Longwood course that I have taken that have benefited me to becoming an expert as a Resident Assistant and go along with my minor. My Residential Learning class gave me all the knowledge for becoming a Resident Assistant. The class taught me how to deal with situations, residents, and everything else in the job. Human Growth and Development and Intro to Teaching also helped me to learn teaching and skills of how to deal with people over all. My Ethics course helped with teaching me how people think differently and what different people find to be socially expectable. For my Children’s Literature minor, I have already taken some of the classes. These classes were a joy to take and I found them to be interesting and fun. This is why I picked it as my minor and will continue to take classes to finish it.