Data Sets of Occupation and Educational Attainment of Herndon, VA

These data sets are about my home town of Herndon Virginia which is located in Northern Virginia right outside the D.C. area. This area has grown to become very diverse with many different groups of people. Herndon is in Fairfax County School District which is one of the top districts in the country. I thought these two data sets would help show the different groups of people in this area and also the education level of this town.

When looking  at the two charts side by side you can see similarities and differences. When comparing them to one another you can see 50% of the people in Herndon are Civilians employed population 16 years and over.  This resinates  with the Educational Attainment and the portion of population 25 years and over that make up 25%. Data can be hard to view when it is all just numbers on a spread sheet but turning things into graphs and charts can help break down and help visualize the data in a helpful way. Circle graphs are great at showing the data and the percentages of a whole when you break things down.