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Post #11: Applied Rhetoric Paper - Proposal
For my Applied Rhetoric Paper, I plan to look at various contemporary issues and women's speeches through the perspective of Aspasia and her idea's about gender equality and women's rhetoric. I plan to particularly focus on how Aspasia, as well as the women of our contemporary world, cater their language and rhetoric for the male-dominated societies they ... Continue reading →
Hello world!
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Hello! My name is Leah Parr and I currently study music at Longwood University. Look around to view my résumé and work, and to learn more about me!
Post #10: Applied Rhetoric Paper - Proposal
For the Applied Rhetoric Paper on a contemporary issue, I wish to discuss the effects of texting on society and how this interferes with face-to-face communication. I want to analyze how texting can disintegrate and undermine the true purpose of conversation, which is to get to know people on a personal level that does not ... Continue reading →
Post #11: Applied Rhetoric Paper - Proposal
I would like to look into the current issue regarding the conservation of the planet that has been brought forward by Ian Somerhalder with his foundation, ISFoundation. I believe that there is a connection between the foundation's mission statement and Aristotle's view of rhetoric. Aristotle used such terms as ethos, pathos, and logos in order to persuade his audiences ... Continue reading →
Post #11: Applied Rhetoric Paper-Proposal
The contemporary issue I would like to discuss is the portrayal of the Islamic faith, or rather, how media outlets have used broad strokes with the actions of ISIS/ISIL to paint an entire religion as being violent or barbarous. The rhetorical term I'd like to connect to this issue is that of Kairos-- the opportune moment. Across the ... Continue reading →
Post # 11: Applied Rhetoric Paper Proposal.
I chose a compilation of commercials to examine the use of pathos, logos, and ethos. Commercials contain one of the three components if not all of them. Aristotle three appeals of rhetoric is rather intriguing. I would like to go into more in depth on how influential and how often the three appeals are used ... Continue reading →
Post #11: Applied Rhetoric Paper- Proposal
I have chosen Emma Watson's speech to the UN on her HeforShe campaign, and the campaign overall. I want to analyze her speech and campaign through Cicero's Canons of Rhetoric and how they are used in her speech. I plan on furthering my paper by possibly looking more into the campaign and what is being ... Continue reading →