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Dr. Elif Guler receives the best article award from the Popular Culture ...
Dr. Elif Guler's Studies in Popular Culture article, "The Symbolic Restoration of Women's Place in Turkey's Resurrection" (2018) is the winner of the Whatley Award, given in memory of a founder and early president of the Popular Culture Association in the South. According to the editor's letter of recognition, "The editor and editorial board select one article that best ... Continue reading →
#TTT: 3D Printing Basics
As one of the main features of the DIGILab, our 3D printer is a tool enabling us to create real physical forms of designs and ideas. While 3D printing has become more popular over the years, many people still are unsure of how it actually works. In basic terms, 3D printers have two main components: ... Continue reading →
10 Tips to Reduce Your Plastic Footprint
Fix Your Caffeine Fix: carry around a reusable cup for all your caffeine needs! (add photo of reusable cup) Bring Your Own Bottle: bring a reusable water bottle (or just use your reusable coffee cup from tip #1!) (photo of reusable water bottle) Say No To Plastic Cutlery: bring your own spork with you when ... Continue reading →
The Inside Story on Midterm Grades
My daughter is now in the spring semester of her senior year, and, for the first time, she sent me her midterm grades—without my asking. I’m sure the reason is that she had all A’s for the first time. Looking back, her explanations for previous less-than-stellar midterm grades probably contained at least a grain of ... Continue reading →
Plastic Problems
In the mid-1950's there was a movement called "Throw-away Living", where buying something and only using it once before dumping it in the garbage wasn't seen as being wasteful, it was seen as a novelty. Single-use household items were marketed towards American families and they were received with excitement, which might cause some confusion now. ... Continue reading →
Webinar Basics
Webinar. You’ve probably heard the term, but do you truly know what a webinar is? Do you know how webinars can benefit instructors and students? A webinar is a meeting that takes place online where participants from various locations come together and interact as if they were face-to-face. Students are able connect with each other ... Continue reading →
CSD 'Brings Home The Gold' at the 2019 SHAV Conference
At SHAV, first-year graduate students present their research projects and compete against other graduate students from CSD programs throughout the state of Virginia. Longwood students, Shannon Graham, Courtney Kaczmarek, Lizzie Llewellyn, and Payton Yates were awarded first place during the research poster presentations. Their award winning research was titled, "Effects of Instruction Method on Competency ... Continue reading →
Dr. Elif Guler facilitates a workshop, presents scholarship, and co-chairs ...
Dr. Elif Guler, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Longwood's Professional Writing Program, recently facilitated a pedagogical workshop, presented a paper, and co-chaired a special interest group at the 2019 Conference on College Composition Communication (CCCC) which took place from March 13-16 in Pittsburgh, PA. Since 1949, CCCC has been the world’s largest professional organization for researching and teaching composition, ... Continue reading →