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Virginian Tobacco
  The source of this page is (a previously used website).  However, this article covers a different topic.  This article is titled Tobacco in Virginia.  The article essentially covers the migration of Nicotinia rustica (a strain of the tobacco … Continue reading
Farm Innovations
  The source for this blog comes from the website,  This section of the website focuses on inventors, and for my purposes, agricultural innovations.  The article is titled Agriculture and Farm Innovations.  Agricultural innovations and improvements have been happening … Continue reading
Tobacco Plantations
  The source of this blog is the website.  This article is broken up into three parts: Tobacco and Staple Agriculture, Tobacco Plantations, and Staple Crops and Regionalism.  The first section, Tobacco and Staple Agriculture, goes into detail about … Continue reading
Agriculture in Southern Piedmont Virginia 2014-04-18 10:08:35
  The title of this article is Our Founding Farmers: Virginia’s Agricultural History.  It comes from the website FarmFlavor, a website more commonly known for recipes and DIY ideas with local produce form Virginia farms.  However, this article takes a … Continue reading
Colonial Life
  The source for this blog is   I personally do not agree much with the name of this website, but their information is well represented.  The article is titled Colonial Life.  The author breaks the information up by using … Continue reading
Rural Life in Virginia
The Virginia Historical Society has a website (cited at the end of this post) that ran a story titled Rural Life in Virginia.  Our planned proposal for a new museum in Farmville is going to remind the people who visit … Continue reading
"The Deer People" by Mary Carroll-Hackett
"Compassionate Embrace" by Debra Wooding