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3rd Annual Graduate Research Symposium
Longwood's 3rd annual graduate research symposium was held on campus in the Greenwood Library during the afternoon of Wednesday April 26, 2017. April 26th was marked in the academic calendar as campus wide research day and all classes were cancelled so both the undergraduate and graduate research symposiums could be held. Presentations of research were held ... Continue reading →
Dr. Elif Guler presents at the Rhetoric Society of Europe
Dr. Elif Guler, Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Professional Writing and Rhetoric at Longwood, has recently presented her study, "What Yusuf Has Hacib's Kutadgu Bilig [Wisdom That Brings Happiness] Can Teach Us About Using Language for Unity," at the 2017 Rhetoric Society of Europe Conference held at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK ... Continue reading →
Leadership Philosophy
Being a leader in the realm of education, means not only being a role model for teachers and students, but also a catalyst for motivating the community to share in a vision of improvement.  Effective leadership requires communication and collaboration toward a common goal, to ensure a quality education for all students.  Communication and collaboration ... Continue reading →
July's New DVDs
It's too hot to go outside. Check out one of these new DVDs and stay in the air conditioning!
Journal #5
Throughout my many communication classes I learned many theories that helped explain communication in more detail. The first theory that I saw present during my internship is the Standpoint theory. The Standpoint theory states that someone’s perspective or opinion can be changed due to their day to day experiences. It is also found that the ... Continue reading →
Crossfit with the Dean
On Monday November 14th, 2016 the GSA hosted its first annual Crossfit with the Dean! The dean of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies, Jeannine Perry, welcomed the GSA to join her at Crossfit 1st Due. Perry is a regular member at the gym and wanted to share her love for crossfit with all ... Continue reading →
Coming Soon
This page will function as a database for writing prompts at Longwood University.
December Graduation Reception
On Friday, December 2, 2016 the Graduate Student Association (GSA) and College of Graduate and Professional Studies (CGPS) hosted the first ever December Graduation Reception. This reception was hosted to honor and recognize all of the August and December graduate degree recipients. The GSA and CGPS thought this was an important event to host because ... Continue reading →