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Performing “Toxic” Gender
As people grow up, they internalize culturally accepted rules on how to act, behave, think and communicate depending on their gender. Based on these rules, or gendered norms, people feel safe communicating because they know how to relate to others and express their identity without fearing social punishment. Gender norms give people a sense of […]
Don’t you like you? Cause I like you.
A Whole New World… The process of growing into the people we are today is a rough and lengthy process, or at least it was for myself. Not only are we thrown into all the unavoidable physical changes (that we didn’t ask for!!) but we are also in the spotlight that is society, and the […]
“Too Fat” to Play?
Introduction Throughout the years, weight among women has always been a concern. Whether it was within the media talking about a star or an athlete or just simply others criticizing another’s weight. But, when is too much too much? or When is enough, enough? That question is easily answered by reading this post and realizing what […]
Imperfectly Perfect
If I asked you to image the ideal version of yourself, what would you picture? Most people don’t picture themselves as they already are, but why is that? We tend to be blind to our own beauty because we concentrate on our flaws. This photo is from the popular movie Mean Girls. In this scene […]
New DVDs for July
As the summer moves forward, so does our purchasing. Below are the new DVDs purchased for the month of July. Click on the images to see their availability.                                                           ... Continue reading →
Anything you can do, I can do better
Be tough like a girl should be the new phrase we use, without a negative connotation around it. Women are given a bad rep. of being the weaker sex, and ones that challenge this stereotype are normally discouraged, and told “ no they can’t”. However there are a few women out there that go above […]
What is normal, and what is normal? In our book, Wood (2013) discusses how some intersexed people are protesting “normalization” surgery, which makes genitals that do not conform to physical norms to be “more consistently male or female” (p. 21). “But,” Wood asks, “is it possible … Continue reading
Physics Faculty and Students Published
Associate Professor of Physics Tim Holmstrom, Longwood Physics Alumnus Wolfgang Troth, and colleagues from the Jefferson Lab 3He Collaboration had their paper "A Precision Measurement of the Neutron Twist-3 Matrix Element d2n: Probing Color Forces." published in Physics Review Letters  113 (2014) 022002. Associate Professor of Physics Tim Holmstrom, Longwood Physics Alumnus James Bittner, and colleagues from the ... Continue reading →