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Life Savers and Pep Band Players
It has been a while since I wrote a blog post, which goes to show how busy college has made me. Balancing school and other activities and prioritizing everything was a difficult transition. I've been trying to use my resources. For example, I go to the QR Center for math tutoring. They really are life ... Continue reading →
Happy Holidays from Farmville!
I am in awe of how quickly my first semester at Longwood has gone by. I always remember hearing that college would go by more quickly than high school, and I honestly did not believe it until now‑-but it is so true. The most wonderful time of the year has begun, and so have the ... Continue reading →
It's All About Planning
The semester so far has been going better than I thought it would be around this time. I’ve gotten a bit more used to the campus and its ins and outs, along with developing better time-management skills/planning that make doing work a lot easier. The biggest thing I have learned so far from my experiences ... Continue reading →
A Trifecta of Recognition Puts a Bow on the Fall Semester
Longwood received three great pieces of news recently that are a testament to the growing stature of our university. If you're out visiting family and friends over the holidays and there’s a lull in the conversation, consider using one of these points of Longwood pride to fill the gap! The Short and Sweet Version... 1. ... Continue reading →
#TechTipThursday- Setting up a Virtual Meeting with WebEx
Authored by Sierra Holsclaw, ITC How to schedule a meeting in WebEx A WebEx meeting is an online meeting that allows you to virtually meet with other people, without leaving your home or office.  To schedule a meeting log into your WebEx account and go to the Meetings tab on the left-hand side of the ... Continue reading →
December 2019 DEC Newsletter
December 2019: DEC OFFICE NEWS In this edition: Intersession Reminders and Winter Break Updates Do you need help preparing/finalizing intersession courses? Make an appointment or stop by the DEC with any questions or support needs you have! DEC staff is available Monday-Friday 8am-7pm to help prepare your intersession courses with Panopto, Honorlock, WebEx, Canvas quizzes, ... Continue reading →
Hello world!
Welcome to Longwood Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
Hello world!
Hello, my name is DeQuana Moore and I am a senior at Longwood University. I am a Liberal Studies major with a concentration in Elementary Education with the goal of being a licensed elementary school teacher. Since I was in first grade I realized that I wanted to be a teacher because of the impact my teacher ... Continue reading →