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Week 14: Give Me Your Wisdom
For the panel of teachers that are coming to visit our class, I ask you this: How do you balance your personal life with professional, especially being a first year teacher? Is there anything that you wish you had known that you had to learn the hard way during your first year of teaching? Our ... Continue reading →
Leighton Stone and the Field of Real Estate
Leighton Stone is currently working toward his MBA here at Longwood, and his program specializes in the field of Real Estate Finance. He has worked hard to get where he is today, and has had a dream of working in Real Estate ever since he was a child. Leighton states, “Real estate has been a ... Continue reading →
Hello world!
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#HireLancers: Magazine Editor
  Help a current student land their dream job! Do you have connections with anyone in New York City?  Know of any magazines in need of a talented Citizen Leader?    This current student is ready to make the big move from Farmville to NYC! She's passionate about fashion and beauty - and hopes to one ... Continue reading →
Future Alumni Friday: Alison von Bredow '16
Say hello (and Happy Birthday!) to aspiring event planner, Alison von Bredow Class of 2016. A Communication Studies major and social media guru, Alison is one of our interns in the Office of Alumni Relations and Career Services.  When Alison arrived at Longwood as a freshman, she was "very shy and kept to herself", but due to the ... Continue reading →
Week 14-New Teacher Interview
1. What did you wish you had known before going into the field to teach? 2. Have you felt well-supported as a first-year teacher? What training opportunities have come your way? 3. What has been the most challenging part of being a first-year teacher? How have you decided to overcome it? 4. How has it ... Continue reading →
Questions for the New Teacher Panel
When did you sign the contract for your job? Based on that, how was the planning process for you in terms of preparedness?  Did you feel overly stressed or rushed to prepare your lessons? How far ahead do you feel comfortable planning your lessons? Has there been a time when you felt you had planned ... Continue reading →