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Post #3: Reflections on the Humanities
Of Edmundson’s “The Ideal English Major,” I have mixed feelings: I agree with Edmundson’s belief that a “love for language, hunger for life, openness and a quest for truth” can allow us to become better humans, but I disagree that these are only truly appreciated by the English Major. These are endeavors for all people. ... Continue reading →
Post #3: Reflections on the Humanities
Reading 1: I absolutely agree with what Edmundson is saying in the reading. I think that people shouldn’t be so quick to brush English off as a potential major, or underestimate the career possibilities that may be attained with an English degree. Many people these days simply seem to repeat language as they know it, ... Continue reading →
Post #3: Reflections on the Humanities
After reading the two articles, "The Ideal English Major" and "Humanities Past, Present and Future" by Mark Edumndson it was sparked a new look in my eyes. Though his article about English major seems to only speak to those in that field. However I do believe that humanities are very important to people understanding themselves, ... Continue reading →
Post #3: Reflections on Humanities
Mark Edmundson discusses the ideas of what an "ideal English major" should act like in his article "THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION." I, personally, was take aback by this article, because he praised English Majors so highly and talked down about other majors. A quote that stood out to me is when Mark Edmundson states ... Continue reading →
Post #3: Reflections on Humanities
After reading and analyzing Humanities" Past, Present-Future and The Ideal English Major by Mark Edmundson I have found myself to be in agreement with his assessment and opinions on we ought to asses the humanities as an educational tool. Understanding and learning about the humanities, in my view, is a key element for one to know ... Continue reading →
Week Two: A Reminder of Purpose
  Where do I want to be in life?  It seems to be a very selfish question, but one which has daunted me for the past three years relentlessly.  As I think ahead to my completion of university, I realize that not until recently could I truly picture myself in front of a class of ... Continue reading →
Week 2-A Testing Dilemma
The reading for this blog was fairly relatable because I did my Practicum II this past summer and I witnessed so many problems with SOL tests and the pressure put upon the students during that time. The fact that I could feel the anxiety steaming off of the students and teachers and I had nothing ... Continue reading →
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