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New DVDs for June
Every month we purchase new DVDs to help you dabble in a little relaxation with your hectic life. Below are the titles we've selected for the month of June.                                       - Black Sea - Blackhat - Chappie ... Continue reading →
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db upgrade testing :)
Single Dads Are Not Extinct
This evening I was watching television while eating dinner with my single mother, (a regular occurrence), when a Whirlpool commercial came on, here it is: Although this commercial did not yell “single dad alert”, it brought to my attention how … Continue reading
Comcast/NBCUnivseral Continuous Conglomerate Expansion
Our television provider has been Comcast for years and I never new Comcast owned NBCUniversal, which gave me so many of my favorite shows (SNL, Parks and Rec, The Office have gotten me through school). After researching I have realize the great super power Comcast is in conglomerates, expanding from local to international distribution and ... Continue reading →
DEC Adds Respondus Tools to Ensure Integrity of Online Assessment
Beginning with Summer 2015, the DEC will roll out a new set of tools that instructors can use to help create online assessments and ensure the integrity of online testing. All faculty members now have access to the online proctoring tools Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor, in addition to the assessment creation software Respondus ... Continue reading →
Diapers & Daddies
According to an article from Buzzfeed from April, a senator is trying to pass a bill that requires changing tables in men’s bathrooms. Before stumbling upon this article, I had heard about new father Ashton Kutcher bringing up the same … Continue reading
Free the Nipple, Men Go Topless…Why Can’t Women?
Recently, I noticed a campaign video on Facebook called “Free the Nipple”, out of pure curiosity I watched it and was actually shocked at how I responded to the video, agreeging. Not because I want to go topless, but because … Continue reading
Mean Moms
I seriously love the movie Mean Girls.  It’s hilarious, campy, and has the perfect dash of realness to spice it up.  So when I heard that a Mean Girls spin off was going to begin shooting, I was over the moon … Continue reading