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Post #7: Revising Organizational Messages
I have chosen to do the alternative project which means I will be creating a website and other promotional pieces for The Dyer Paint Company, my dad's business. Beginning with this blog post, I will analyze an existing website for a company like my dad's to get the best view on how to approach creating ... Continue reading →
Post #7: Identity Creation and Maintenance Rhetoric
Identity strategies of organizational rhetoric identified The organization employs association when use their slogan “The Music of Longwood University & Farmville, VA.,” to connect themselves to the community. This allows the station to appear professional and family-friendly. In addition, the slideshow of pictures from different events shows the viewer different ways WMLU makes themselves part ... Continue reading →
Post #7: Identity Creation and Maintenance Rhetoric
Image by The company’s website that I will be analyzing is The Bridge Children’s Academy Facebook page. Their page uses different forms of identity strategies to appeal to viewers and to be informative. a) Association strategies: The page showcases association strategies in a few examples; the heading of the webpage is an image of ... Continue reading →
Post #7
For this study, I will be analyzing a restaurant located in Culpeper, Virginia called Grass Rootes. Facebook Page- Website-   Identity Strategies illustrated on Grass Rootes website: Association- Within their website, this restaurant immediately associates themselves with positive values and traits, such as “serving incredible farm-to-table cuisine” which makes their guests “feel at ... Continue reading →
Post #7: Identity Creation and Maintenance Rhetoric 1) Several identity strategies of organizational rhetoric are present on the homepage of Godrey’s website. a. The organization employs association when use their mission statement to connect themselves with “excellence in hospitality, entertainment, and community involvement,” which are all viewed as generally positive things. In addition, the rainbow-colored banner near the top of the ... Continue reading →
Internship Journal 3
Since my last journal entry I have learned a few things. To start it off, I've learned that I need to put more time into my work. When I take more time I not only understand that technology more but how to teach it better. So as I make the videos, I can self-edit as ... Continue reading →
Data Analysis
The first chart is about educational attainment. I focused more on the population on 18 year-olds to 24 year-olds. There was a total amount of 14,398,370 people that that at least some college or associate's degree. Which I found rather interesting since people tend to talk like people with just a high school diploma outnumber ... Continue reading →
Increasing Learner Interaction
As educators, we know the purpose of learning activities is to guide learners down the path of mastering the course learning objectives. Well-planned learning activities align with course objectives and encourage learner interaction. Learning activities must have a clear purpose within the course and can take place in three different formats: learner to content, learner ... Continue reading →