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The journey to firenze
My study aboard journey began on May 15th, 2019. I left Dulles airport first in the morning to catch a plane to JFK. When I got to JFK, I went to baggage claim for my bags; then I went to find my group flight mates. I waited in line for Swiss airlines to check-in for ... Continue reading →
Honors 495 - Love, Sex and Friendship
This course was very similar to the CTZN 110 course that I took my first semester because we read a lot of philosophical readings. This class was split into different sections throughout the semester regarding readings of love, sex, and friendship. The readings in this class were very challenging, and most of the time required ... Continue reading →
Math 171
I had signed up for this class because it was a prerequisite for the supplied statistics level perspectives course I was going to take. I am now enrolled in another course to fulfill the applied statistics course. However, I am still grateful I took this course. It was a good introduction into statistics, and I ... Continue reading →
Crim 100
I was nervous about whether or not I would like this class because it was my first criminal justice class since changing my major. This class helped reassure me that I wanted to major in criminal justice. It helped me better understand the criminal justice system as a whole and all that it entails. Before ... Continue reading →
SOCL 205
Sociology 205 was based on deviance within society. We discussed deviant acts and theories that sociologist have developed to help understand why people commit the deviant acts they do. I enjoyed this class because most of the material we learned I had never been introduced to before. It helped me also further my skills in ... Continue reading →
Span 211
I am thankful that I took Spanish 211 the semester after taking Spanish 111. Everything that I had learned from taking Spanish 111 the semester before taking Spanish 211 helped me excel in all the material in this class. Spanish 111 gave me a nice introduction and foundation into the Spanish language. I was able ... Continue reading →
Bio 120 Honors
Although I enjoyed Bio 120, it made me realize I did not want to be a biology major anymore and instead a criminal justice one. During this class we participated in many labs and learned about things like the structure of the cell, as well as the ecosystem. It was a interesting class, and very ... Continue reading →
CTZN 110 Honors
My citizen class was ethics based. We covered topics from abortion to the death penalty. This class was filled with philosophy readings, as well as factual readings. This class helped me build in note taking. One of the requirements to pass the class was to get a satisfactory grade on one of the set of ... Continue reading →