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This page is dedicated to my educational career, philosophy, and achievements.  The purpose is to give you a sense of who I am as a person, an educator, and administrator. Feel free to browse the postings and explore the attachments and/or links to gain insight, and please, leave any questions you may have (or thoughts) ... Continue reading →
Dr. Kenneth Pestka II with undergraduate Jacob Hull (18) present at the ...
Dr. Kenneth Pestka II and undergraduate Jacob Hull (18) in collaboration with Jonathan Buckley (16) and Stephen Kalista Jr. presented the talk titled, “Elastic constants of self-healing polyethylene co-methacrylic acid determined via resonant ultrasound spectroscopy,” at the 175th Acoustical Society of America Meeting on Friday May 11, 2018. An online lay language version of the ... Continue reading →
Hello world!
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2018 Graduate Research Symposium
As a part of the Spring Symposium for Research and Creative Inquiry, 63 Longwood graduate students, spanning six programs, participated in the 3rd annual Graduate Research Symposium. The symposium consisted of two poster sessions and oral presentations. Poster Session I 1st Place: “The Effect of Head Position and Postural Support on Simulated Pill Swallows” by ... Continue reading →
Hi everyone! My name is Michael Dougherty, and I am a junior Digital Media student at Longwood University. I have been a baseball coach in Northern Virginia for 5 years, working with children ages 5-14 years old. I have had an interest for digital media since I was younger, and I plan to work in ... Continue reading →
Genetics 324 Lab Drosophila melanogaster genome editing with CRISPR Cas9
CRISPR presentation
All about me
My name is Tyra and I am a student at Longwood University. I am majoring Biology and minoring in Chemistry and Neuroscience. Intelligent, adaptable, knowledge and experiences of the laboratory will help expand my knowledge and led me toward the right path.