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Why Longwood? Let Me Count the Ways
There are two very important reasons why I chose Longwood. The first reason is the size of the campus. As soon as I took my first steps on campus, I felt a sense of community. I felt like I was about to be a part of something that would make me a better citizen. To ... Continue reading →
Quizzes, Homework and a Road Trip with New Friends
This week is the fourth week of classes. So much has happened, and time is flying by. I have had three quizzes, one exam and a ton of homework. I also was finally able to hang up all my things on my walls!! Now my dorm room definitely feels like home, and I am very ... Continue reading →
Bringing the Heat: My Roommate and I Made the Blue Heat Dance Team
In high school, I participated in varsity dance team. It was one of the many things that excited me about going to school. The team gave me a feeling of comfort and made me feel at home. When the dance season was over, I was devastated thinking that my dance career was over. I wanted ... Continue reading →
Loving Longwood—Ups, Downs and a Great Grilled Cheese
I’m really loving Longwood. I’m adjusting to college life, and I think I’m doing pretty well. I tried FarmGrill in the Upchurch University Center for the first time and got the grilled cheese. Now it’s my favorite place to go when I’m hungry. Also I have a tip: Don’t spend all of your bonus dollars ... Continue reading →
Oktoberfestivities: Color Wars, Student Organization Booths and Waka Flocka
As I was getting ready for Color Wars, I was wondering how much paint would get on me. I originally had on a pair of Nikes, and then someone told me you just take your shoes off. Luckily, I listened to them because, when it was all over, I was drenched in a crazy amount of paint! They had the ... Continue reading →
Becoming More Independent, CHI and Weekends
The past several weeks at Longwood have been a learning experience for me. It’s been enjoyable even though there have been some growing pains with it! I’m learning how to do things independently, like making sure I plan out my days to meet my deadlines and keep up with my academic obligations. Now, don’t get ... Continue reading →
Hello World!!!!
The Way I See It: Roommates, Professors and Exploring Farmville 
Before arriving at Longwood, I didn’t really know what to expect from college. I had only heard stories about how mean and lacking in understanding college professors are and how terrible living with a roommate could be.   Well, I am here to tell you the opposite is true when it comes to the professors here at Longwood! From the first ... Continue reading →