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Hello world!
Welcome to Longwood Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
Hello world!
Welcome to Longwood Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
Communicating with Declan McDonald
I am an active and engaging member of Longwood’s academic community.  Communication with people is a passion of mine, and I do my best to seek out any opportunities available to add value towards my relationships with my peers, friends, and future fellow Lancers.  In Longwood’s academic community, I serve as a Peer Mentor, involved ... Continue reading →
Kimberly Daucher successfully completes an internship with Arianna Sharfman ...
Congratulations to Kimberly Daucher, a Criminal Justice student with a minor in Professional Writing, for successfully completing an internship with Arianna Sharfman Photography in Los Angeles, CA! Kim's internship focused on developing a professional website and creating/maintaining social media accounts. In Spring 2018, Kim will also complete a study focusing on professional writing in her field of ... Continue reading →
Chris Crider successfully completes an internship at STEPS Incorporated
Congratulations to Christopher Crider for successfully completing an internship with STEPS, Incorporated during the fall semester of 2017. STEPS, Inc. is “an internationally accredited, multifaceted regional nonprofit with a 30-year history of positive results to help people break the cycles of poverty.” The organization “creates effective partnerships with local governments, state agencies and other non-profits, ... Continue reading →
Charleigh Kondas successfully presents senior paper, completes program ...
Charleigh Kondas has successfully presented her senior paper, "Perhaps We Are All Immigrants: Postcolonial Hybridity in Rupi Kaur's Poetry," to a full Martinelli Board Room at Longwood on Friday, December 1st. Charleigh's expected graduation is in May 2018. Charleigh delivering her paper (on the right) Charleigh has also completed an internship with the Rhetoric and ... Continue reading →
About Me
Honesty is the soul of business. I am Ben Gardner. This is my blog that will serve as my portal to communicate my assignments with the entire English 400 class. As a member of Longwood University’s College of Business and Economics and as a student studying accounting I have learned about different business scandals and ... Continue reading →
Is Sleep For The Weak?
Teaching the Effects of Sleep and It's Impact on Health and Physical Performance  "Why waste hundreds of dollars on supplements for recovery and neglect sleep when it is free, doesn't show up on a drug test, and improves more than just physical performance?" - CJ Roth Allow me to provide a brief overview of myself. ... Continue reading →