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Honors: Inquiry to Citizenship-Bodies and Citizens
When stepping into the first honors course of my college career that so happened to be a pilot course as well, I was not expecting great things. I struggled to find direction and adjust to my section of this multifaceted course. I was pleased to find out that my section was focused on historical topics, ... Continue reading →
Honors EDUC 245
The second Honors course I took at Longwood was Human Growth and Development with Dr. Cosby. This class was focused on investigating how children advance from infancy through adolescence. I loved this class and how hands-on all of the activities were. Each time we met there was some sort of activity for the day. Dr. ... Continue reading →
An Open Letter to Myself in Four Years
Dear Abbey, As I write this to you at nineteen years old I realize that when you are reading this you will be twenty-two and ready to conquer the world with your smile and ability to stay positive even when things are hard. I do not know which of the paths you have decided to ... Continue reading →
About me
Hello. My name is Abbey Mays. I am a student at Longwood University, where I study Therapeutic Recreation and I am working towards becoming a certified therapeutic recreation specialist. I became interested in recreational therapy when I first joined project connection, a program that pairs a student with children with disabilities, as a sophomore in ... Continue reading →
Attached is my currently up to date resume!
Study Abroad Summer 2019
A Letter to My Senior Self
Dear Senior Grace, You did it, you've successfully completed your first year of college! Everybody knew you could do it, but you sometimes questioned it. It's weird to think about how in just three years from writing this letter it will all be over. Your first year was not just good, it was actually pretty ... Continue reading →
Honors History 222