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Everything I Never Told You
I truly enjoyed reading this book and I can say that this was my favorite FYRE experience book I have read over my years of being on this committee (maybe this is more my genre that I prefer, but I liked this book a lot). It was a good length, had an approachable but not ... Continue reading →
Every Day
I enjoyed reading this book and it was a good length. It was interesting and the story line kept me captivated enough to want to pick it up each night and read more, which I think would be good for our Freshmen. It brings up many interesting topics and diversity issues, although I wish it ... Continue reading →
We Are the Ants
First, this book is too long at 451 pages.  It is an easy read, but I think maybe a little too easy. While it brings up some interesting themes about homosexuality and domestic and relationship abuse, it is very repetitive and revisits these issues over and over without much other content. I worry that the main ... Continue reading →
Hello world!
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Dr. Chuck Ross signs contract for new book
Dr. Chuck Ross, Professor of Physics, has signed a contract with the University of Mississippi Press to write a book examining the logistics of Civil War blockade running in the Bahamas.  The book, expected to be released in early 2019, will be Dr. Ross's fourth book devoted to technological and scientific aspects of the Civil ... Continue reading →
About Me
Leadership and academics have always played and important role in my life as well as constantly gaining continuous  work experience. Entering Longwood University I wanted to continue my exact same philosophy. I recently held a position on my chapters council board as vice- president member education. When joining my chapter as a freshman my goal ... Continue reading →
Little Minds
Something I’m extremely passionate about is helping children succeed to their absolute best potential.  Once upon a time I was looking to become a teacher for this exact reason.  Even though I don't plan to go into teaching, I still want to do something in life that will help children reach this potential.  Children have ... Continue reading →
Hey y'all!
21 | Psychology Major | wine-o | dog lover