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Steven Faulkner's "Bitterroot" to Appear in 2016
Steven Faulkner's new book, Bitterroot: Traveling with Pierre Jean De Smet, Lewis and Clark, and the Nez Perce, has just been accepted for publication by Beaufort Books of New York. Scheduled to appear in 2016, Bitterroot is a travel memoir of Steve's journeys hiking, mountain biking, and canoeing the Idaho mountains with Alex, his youngest ... Continue reading →
Meet Our New Librarian!
April Fools!
Lindsay Graybill
    Hello, my name is Lindsay Graybill. I am a senior Graphic Design major with a minor in Rhetoric and Professional Writing. I will be graduating this May 2015. I will then be starting my career as a graphic designer at River City Graphics and Printing in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I was given some ... Continue reading →
Gender Bias and Discrimination
A former female software engineer is suing Twitter for allegedly using a secretive promotion process that favors men. She filed her class-action lawsuit one day after an ex-employee of Facebook alleged that bad behavior including sexual harassment and race discrimination occurred in the workplace. Women are less likely to ask for and receive promotions. Huang, the ... Continue reading →
Heide Voss - "Trees at the LU Ropes Course"
Teresa Irish - "Peeps of Green"
Teresa Irish - "Ain't Dead Yet"
Jenny Quarles - "Pollen"