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"How Do I Get Started?"
"How do I get started?" It's a question that appears in some form or another across different panels from multiple conventions, and truthfully it's a hard question to fully answer! I've listened to many expert voice actors tell their story on how they got into the business. Some of them were theater actors who saw ... Continue reading →
Post #4:Rhetorical Situations in Organizations
  ------------------------------------------------------- Exigencies: SeaWorld's biggest issue is Blackfish, and more specifically, activists who believe that the park's Orcas do not belong in captivity. When the documentary was released, SeaWorld first tried to attack the filmmakers and former SeaWorld employees involved in the movie. This was unappreciated by many as it mimicked the blame put on Dawn ... Continue reading →
Making Friends and Revving Up For Classes
I don’t think it really hit me that I had really made it to college until move-in day. Rusty and I moved our things in and would’ve lain in our beds all day if we didn’t have to go to New Lancer Days, which was like a weekend orientation for the freshmen. The weekend of ... Continue reading →
Post #4: Rhetorical Situations in Organizations
One of the main situations WMLU 91.3 faces is budgeting. The student-run organization has fees that cover the station, airwaves, events, and DJ equipment. In order to get their brand out there, the must go through Longwood University and the Student Government Organization (SGA) for financial assistance. Organization members pay a $20 membership fee at ... Continue reading →
Post #4: Rhetorical Situations in Organizations
Image from In this post I will examine the Rhetorical Situations in the Starbucks "Meet Me at Starbucks" campaign (the video can be found under Post #3: Identifying Organizations' Rhetorical Strategies) Exigencies: A possible challenge in the Rhetorical Situation for Starbucks is that the company is becoming too large and customers will want to ... Continue reading →
Post #4
Exigencies: Defined as “an imperfection marked by urgency” or “opportunity marked by urgency,” there are numerous exigencies that can be identified within VCU Health (Hoffman & Ford). Possibly, one of the most prominent challenges for the organization as a whole would be the inability to fully understand certain illnesses and overall have the technology and ... Continue reading →
Post #4
For my selected artifact, I will be analyzing a marketing company, MTKG and exploring the rhetorical straggles on how promote high quality branding, with creative and engaging strategies. Exigencies  I am specifically analyzing this company's website. As far as exigencies in this artifact go, the only challenge that occurs in the rhetorical situation is how ... Continue reading →
Post #4: Rhetorical Situations in Organizations
In this post, I will examine the rhetorical situation used for Nike's 30th Anniversary Just Do It campaign. Nike's exigencies are definitely surrounded by the political climate in the United States. Currently, there are a lot of controversies with racial profiling/inequality. Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick shed light to these issues when he decided ... Continue reading →