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Will Crunches Give You Six Pack Abs?
We all want to work towards a flat six pack stomach.  Although, the question is how are we going to reach this goal?  Most people are either told or they believe that in order to get six pack abs you need to do a lot of crunches.  Well, unfortunately this is only somewhat true because ... Continue reading →
Many people want to lose weight but don’t know how to or what kind of workouts to use.  It is always thought that the more you run the faster your metabolism is.  Well this is true but it is not the only way to increase your metabolism.  You can also work on cardio and lose ... Continue reading →
Focused Workouts
Everyone struggles to find a workout routine that works for them.  Some people need a sport specific workout, some may want to build muscle mass, or some may even just want to have an all around fitness workout.  Although, we all have one goal in mind and that is to improve our physical fitness.  According ... Continue reading →
Depression and Gaming
Depression and Gaming  FemeFatale Gaming  There is a strong correlation between negative behavior and the sex debate. In particular in the gaming medium its particularly strong. Aggressive behaviors can dominate the ways people act or refer to others and make things difficult in the long run. While this type of discussion may not seem important, ... Continue reading →
Indie Games
INDIE GAMES  FemeFatale Gaming This blog is going to address a debate that has centered itself in the gaming market, and is becoming more of a trend. That trend is the sale of indie games. There's a store going on in forums these past few months; game informer, ign, or kotaku. In the forums there have ... Continue reading →
Return of the Extinct
Recently, scientists had an interesting idea using the science of cloning. Back in 1914, the last of a bird species called the passenger pigeon went extinct. When a species goes extinct, this means that it will never appear on earth again, right? Maybe not, since scientists have been working on a way to de-extinct the ... Continue reading →
Child Abuse and Neglect effects on Brain Development
In the article, “The Impact of Abuse and Neglect on the Developing Brain” written by Dr. Bruce D. Perry and Dr. John Marcellus, explains early brain development, effects of child abuse and neglect on brain development, and prevention strategies. Perry and Marcellus describe the manner in which the brain develops from birth. Experiences are essential ... Continue reading →
"Smile for the Camera" by Whitney Rice