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Negative views about the American Pit Bull Terrier
By Jeffrey Strausser Bread originally in England, Scotland and Ireland, the American Pit Bull Terrier has received a lot of unwarranted negative attention in recent years. Originally bread to fight wild animals and bulls, giving them the name the Bull Terrier, it is simply put, a monster of a dog. Being used in the majority ... Continue reading →
Living with anxiety today
By Shelby Furman You are at the grocery store or in class and you feel this sharp pain in your chest. You start to hyperventilate and it feels like the world around you is collapsing in front of you. There is nothing you can do to make it go away. The American Psychological Association(APA) would ... Continue reading →
One Size Does Not Fit All
"One Size Does Not Fit All" By: Gabby Klatt While our country is comprised of women of many shapes and sizes, the media tends to glorify only one body type—the tall, slender, no ounce of fat type . These are the people that grace our magazine covers and star in movies and in television. These ... Continue reading →
Donald Trump's Recent Success
By Jacqueline McCabe One can hardly turn the television on to any news or commentary discussion without the headline subject being Donald Trump’s campaign to secure the Republican nomination to run for the office of President of the United States. Mr. Trump’s latest effort to run for President is certainly not the driving force behind ... Continue reading →
Longwood University Wygal Hall
By Katherine Fountain Longwood University is one of the oldest public universities in the United States, and it's campus reflects it's great history.  Our campus and community has been growing over the last several years.  The growth is good for the school, new buildings, majors, and joining the Big South conference.  However, several things about ... Continue reading →
New Books for August
In order to bring you new and fun recreational reads, the Greenwood Library participates in a book leasing program through McNaughton. These titles are shelved on the small bookcases in the middle of the Atrium and are designated with green labels. You can browse the entire collection here and if you're interested in what's new, look out ... Continue reading →
The Wonderful Life of the American Citizen: Endless Opportunities
By: Brittany Sklute I have posted another post on my blog. This post ties in with my introduction post about the different factors that go into the wonderful life of that American citizen. I used different public issues as an approach to ultimately allow the audience to arrive at the conclusion that there are so ... Continue reading →
Confederate Flag
Tayler Morris What does the Confederate Flag stand for? This is the question arising on every politician’s mind, politic channel, and news article. Is it a symbol of hate and division, of southern pride, or what about the symbol of a battle? Whatever your answer is to this question, I give you an opportunity to ... Continue reading →