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Thursday, March 22
Despite our delayed opening, we took a walk across campus to visit the Children's Literature room at Greenwood Library. The children enjoyed selecting books from the shelves to look through. The Children's Lit room also has a wonderful bird's eye view of the new Student Success Center construction site through large floor-to-ceiling windows! We are ... Continue reading →
Post #5: Metaphoric Criticism
Due by the class period on Tuesday, March 28th All language has metaphorical aspects. Just think about everyday texts that construct our thinking from the early years of our childhood, and explore the possibility of using metaphoric criticism as a lens to a text of your choosing in the Critical Essay #2. Respond to the ... Continue reading →
Editorial Cartoon on a Significant Issue
Health & Physical Education
This week’s spotlight blog is focusing on the Health and Physical Education graduate program The Health and Physical Education masters program can be completed in one year or two years for more flexibility. The two tracks offered cater to already licensed Health & P.E. teachers or professionals licensed in another discipline. All students complete a ... Continue reading →
Tuesday, March 20
Happy First Day of Spring! To celebrate the change of seasons, we took our explorations outside to enjoy our rainy weather. Before going outside, I told the children that we needed to collect some rainwater for a project for our plants. I asked them to make a list of items that they thought we could ... Continue reading →
Ecology-251-Fall 2017
Genetics-250-Fall 2017 Lab Report
Family Forms Female Flaws
Does family mean a lot to you? Or does it mean nothing? Being a mom is a big deal. It always has been and, at least for now, it always will be. My mom means everything to me. She is a literal saint. St. Marilyn, as a lot of people like to call her. Just ... Continue reading →