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Internship Portfolio
Having taken many communication studies classes over the past three years I have attended Longwood, I can identity several courses that have aided me in my internship this summer at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. Interpersonal Communication is one course that helped prepare me for the event world. In this class, I learned about many theories and concepts including, nonverbal […]
A Theoretical Perspective of The Intern Life
One theory I have used during my internship is the utilitarian theory that I learned about in Communication Ethics. This theory considers the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of people. In this theory, one might consider the consequences to determine his or her actions. I do this during my internship when I […]
Journal 5- Part 2 Summer Internship
Having learned many communication theories over the years, it is easy to recognize a few that can be applied to the field of event planning. One communication theory I have witnessed in this half of my internship is the expectancy violations theory. This theory explains how people react and respond when social norms or expectations are […]
Journal 4- Part 2 Summer Internship
This week, I got the chance to visit with the members of the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB). The CVB’s job is essentially to promote Virginia Beach in order to bring tourists to the area. With my experience working at the Chincoteague, Virginia Chamber of Commerce, I imagined the CVB to be somewhat similar to […]
Over the course of these past 8 weeks I have learned and experienced so much. I couldn’t be more thankful for this internship and everything that came with it. I learned things that I never expected to learn in this internship and learned more about what I want to do with my career as I … Continue reading Portfolio!
Building Blocks
I realized that after taking all the classes required for my major. These classes were building blocks to set me up for something greater. Throughout my internship, I noticed lessons from some of my previous classes such as conflict resolution, intercultural communications and Public relations research. It is common to have some form of conflict ... Continue reading →
Journal 3- Part 2 Summer Inernswhip
Since my last journal entry, I have learned more about how crucial public safety is in the event world. This past week, I attended a meeting that lasted about two hours that was primarily focused on safety measures that need to be taken for an upcoming 5K event. Attendees of the meeting including city officials, police and fire chiefs, […]
From In the Classroom To Out
To try and pinpoint three classes specifically that prepared me for my internship is more difficult than I expected. Perhaps that’s because it is bits of every class, combined with work experience, mixed general life experiences that have prepped me for my internship. Still, if I had to pick three classes that helped me the most, […]