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Putting On A Happy Face
There are many things I love about our Longwood students: They're friendly, kind, thoughtful, hard-working, unpretentious. Many of them also are really good sports, as the story I'm about to tell you will show. Recently, 8-year-old Regan Vogel, the daughter of Longwood photographer Courtney Vogel, was on campus. She'd accompanied her mom to an assignment ... Continue reading →
German tutoring - 10/21: use zoom today (same link)
Please use the same link that is used for regular zoom meetings for German.
Day 19 -- Crypto Research #1
Hey, all! Welcome to CryptoCL. I spoke with Dr. Marmorstein very briefly last Friday about the research I had done on clblake. I'm going to add my notes onto the previous blogpost. Again, they're just notes that try and make sense of what is going on under the hood of the program. More importantly, I ... Continue reading →
Longwood's New APO members!
Congratulations to the new Alpha Psi Omega members! We are so happy that you are officially apart of the theatre brotherhood! To learn more about APO, check their Instagram page here.
Check Out These DVDs
Changes to tutoring: both CHEM 112 and PSYC now all online.
zoom rooms under those tabs
New Fall Reads
In order to bring you new and fun recreational reads, the Greenwood Library participates in a book leasing program through McNaughton. These titles are shelved on the small bookcases in the middle of the Atrium and are designated with green labels. You can browse the entire collection here and if you're interested in what's new, look out ... Continue reading →
Doing the Right Thing: Students commit to wearing face coverings on campus—even ...
Humans are great at a lot of things, but one thing we find challenging is making a significant lifestyle change over the long haul. We gain back that 10 or 20 pounds we fought so hard to lose. We pledge to be tidier, but we only do it for a while. We’re all in for ... Continue reading →