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Instagram vs. Reality
This is a satyrical article about Instagram that I recently found written by a girl named Olivia Muenter. For those of you that don’t know what Instagram is, it is similar to Twitter with the use of hashtags also, but it is a primarily … Continue reading
Gendered Driving
Gender stereotypes affect all parts of our lives. This includes unconscious biases at work, and the Hidden Curriculum at school. It even affects how we drive and where we park. This article from the online TIME magazine reports that a … Continue reading
Third Wave of Feminism
This article from Everyday Feminism written by Kelsey Lueptow really helps to elaborate more on the Third Wave of feminism discussed in the online lecture and in chapter 3 of the textbook. I found it really interesting and helpful with how in depth the … Continue reading
Chick Flicks: What’s the Big Deal?
Background  When you hear the phrase “chick flick” or “romantic comedy” as a category for a movie, what pops into your head? Do you instantly think of Molly Ringwald and Pretty in Pink? Or do you grab some tissues and gravitate towards something like The Notebook? No matter what movie comes to mind when you think of a classic, […]
Gender and Environmentalism
This Psychology Today blog talks about gendered attitudes about the environment. According to polls, women care more about protecting the environment than men, who are “more likely to support increased use of nuclear power and offshore oil and gas drilling (Burn, … Continue reading
Don’t Tell Me I Can’t
My Story When I was growing up I really loved my math and science classes every year in school. I enjoyed how they were more of a hands-on style of learning and easier for me to understand because they were specific. When was in to 7th grade, I really wanted to be place in an […]
Wait, Girls Can Play Too?
Warning: Before you begin reading, please understand that this blog post is only discussing Title IX and its role in collegiate sports, nothing else. Title IX is a law that is more complex and covers much more material than what this blog post is focused on. It is encouraged that each of you, as readers, research Title […]
Behind the Scenes: To Everyday Life
  Growing up, my sister and I were lucky enough to have the privilege of having a stay-at-home mom. While I know this is not a realistic option for many families, I could not imagine growing up without the round-the-clock care that my mom was able to provide due to choosing not to have a ... Continue reading →