To craft or not to craft

Creativity can be expressed in many ways in the classroom.  I am a strong advocate of hands-on learning using crafting to help build lessons and make them more dynamite.  After reading a short article/blog post “Bring Crafting to the Classroom”  about incorporating crafting into the classroom it has made me see more and more benefits of bringing it into the classroom. It brought up some great reason why letting children be creative in the classroom and benefit them in the learning world.  Having children of any age create crafts in the classroom can help them with social skills and better help them understand the topic at hand. Having hands-on activities like a craft  can help children that have learning disabilities with learning in a different way than just being taught on a screen. The article talks about taking a simple lesson and adding a craft in the middle can help children get up and be active during the lesson. Having them make something small as an individual or as a big group with the whole class, a craft can be beneficial for children to see the topic at hand in a different way. Even having children make there own name tags about thereselves  can be a great activity to get the creative thoughts going.