World Religions [RELI 242]

Fulfilled: Global Citizenship Pillar Requirement

I never learned much about religions besides Christianity, so I was really excited to take this class. In fact, this course made me interested in possibly studying theology more deeply in the future. I also liked that this course was able to fill the requirement instead of a history class, so that was an interesting change from past years. I appreciated that our textbook for the course included multiple excerpts from religion scholars, and even from the major books from the religions. Lectures during class also included examples of how modern-day worshipers of each religion practiced their religion, an important aspect that I made sure was a part of my final paper. This paper, “Ritual Sacrifice in Judaism (found below), was also a topic related to my major of Anthropology & Archaeology. As this was a topic and an approach that interested me, I actually quite enjoyed the process of researching for and writing this final paper.

Ritual Sacrifice in Judaism by Rachel Boch was created on April 29, 2020. Alternately, a  short video presentation condensing the information from this paper may accessed using the link below.