Bodies and Citizens [CTZN 110]

This course was everything I have wanted in any of my past history classes. What I most appreciated is that we learned specifics about how groups of people were treated throughout history, rather than just glorifying our country at any point in time. I also found this class was a much more comfortable environment than many of my past classes. History and government classes are often focus on group discussions, which I enjoy, but I typically don’t thrive in that type of judgmental environment; however, the atmosphere in this class was entirely different. Even though I took advanced classes in high school, I found that the honors students in this class were much more respectful and understanding of each other’s thoughts and opinions. I also preferred the regular annotation assignments in this class to simply reading through a textbook and answering questions. I found that this setup provided a more detailed analysis of life throughout American history.

Gender Stereotypes in American History by Rachel Boch was created on December 9, 2020. The final project for this class was to act as a professor and create a short presentation discussing the outline for our fictional course.