Archaeology [ANTH 202]

Fulfilled: Scientific Reasoning Pillar Requirement

For the first course I have taken for my major, this class was a great intro into what I will be studying in my time at Longwood and beyond. I have always been interested in historical connections, but I have never had such a detailed understanding of the archaeological aspects of historical research. I came into this class a little unsure of how I would do with the scientific side, as I have never quite seen myself as a science person, but my interest in the coursework made the class easier than expected. I also found that there was also an interesting dynamic between my classmates, as some of us were taking the class for our major in Anthropology & Archaeology, while others were simply taking the class for the scientific reasoning pillar requirement. This allowed us to come into the class with different perspectives and learn from what each person’s studies brought to our class discussions.

Website Review: Zagora by Rachel Boch was created on December 6, 2019. This assignment included researching a website on an archaeological site ( and writing a response paper.