3.5 -Perform Competently

Students will be able to perform competently in a professional setting

I’ve had the chance to perform both indoor and outdoor research throughout my time at Longwood. In my sophomore year, I had the chance to collaborate with Dr. Alvarez on research aimed at figuring out whether the non-GMO foods we consume every day actually include non-GMO ingredients while the label says otherwise. I had the chance to learn how to make an agarose gel and how to conduct a more thorough analysis of a PCR throughout this event. Being given this chance increased my desire to look for further research opportunities, which motivated me to apply for the PRISM program.

I had the chance to work at Dr. Franssen’s lab for the spring and summer of 2021, where I continued researching┬áthe epigenetically heritable effects of maternal behavior in rats. It was interesting to see the dynamic and brainstorming that came together with other research students to find further solutions in how we can analyze the current data on similar searches compared to what was currently being collected.

Last but not least, it was intriguing to have the chance to gather information about the topic of climate change by speaking with locals in Montana, Wyoming, and Idoh during the summer of 2022 discovering the various perspectives of the areas that surround Yellowstone National Park on subjects like climate change. I was able to venture outside of my comfort zone because of this research and talk to people in order to learn about various viewpoints. Overall, taking part in all of this research has helped me to better understand that reaching out to people takes place outside of the lab as well.