Entering Research II

Freshman year, Spring 2020:

Throughout part two of entering research, I was able to learn how to identify and formally present orally the background and findings of a scientific of our field of choice. I was able to do my oral presentation on pollution and trash being thrown away in the big body of water and how it’s affecting the human and animal population as well as our health. 

Also, throughout this course, I was able to design formal proposals in regard to the sea-level rise caused by global warming. My group and I were able to focus on three aims, which were: loss of natural geography, habitat, and investigating how badly affected industries relying on the Chesapeake Bay. These three aims allowed me and my group to learn and investigate further research on how we would be able to conduct this research. Even though we all came up with different ideas on how to collect the data, we were still able to accomplish the goal of how to write a proposal.

Overall entering research part 2 was very helpful and a bit easier than entering research 1. This could be because I already know what my professor expected of me, and I believe that throughout this course I was able to futile those expectations.

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