Participating in honors courses at Longwood has given me a chance to receive an enhanced and one on one education. Honors classes allow me to learn in a different way than I would normally do in other courses. I get the opportunity to have more discussion-based learning in very small classroom settings that I would not have the opportunity to do without the honors college. My honors classes also often require me to think outside of the box and complete projects that allow me to get a different perspective about education as a whole and how my education at Longwood, specifically within the honors college, is benefiting me. Overall, I have great pride in the level of scholarship that exists in the honors community at Longwood. While the fact that I am in college to obtain a higher education those in the honors college want more than just the average education for me. Having a higher education set you for success as well as open more opportunities and doors in life, and I am truly grateful for the Honors College and the opportunity they have given me in welcoming me into the program.