3.3 -Other Discipline

Students will be able to prepare and present, orally and in writing, to scientists in other disciplines and audiences outside the sciences.

For BIOL 288, the sophomore seminar, a report for a broad audience was required of us. This means that the material in the article had to be sufficiently explained so that a reader without a background in science could comprehend it. Although this was my first paper for a general audience, I believe I did a decent job overall, but there was still space for improvement.

After taking BIOL 288, I was ready for BIOL 301: Comprehensive Anatomy & Physiology, a paper for a general audience, and I was able to present a successful paper that I was pleased to submit. Despite being brief, the end document is concise and to the point. It is very readable for all groups and does not require scientific expertise to comprehend.

In BIOL 302: Comprehensive Anatomy & Physiology 2, we were required to inform and instruct on a topic of our choosing. I decided to research current health myths regarding weight loss, which was a little different from writing for a general audience but definitely fell under the same category in terms of making information informative and easy to understand for others. Just working on this endeavor taught me so much about how to communicate ideas to groups outside of the sciences.