1.5 -Physics & Chemistry

Students will be able to integrate physics and chemistry concepts into relevant biological contexts.

Throughout my biomechanics class with Dr. Brnadon Jackson physics and chemistry play a major role in our everyday learning. Energy is created and stored within an animal’s body through chemistry, and this energy is necessary for driving actions and upholding biological functions. A crucial step in biomechanics is the transformation of chemical energy that has been stored into kinetic energy for motion. Throughout this class, we analyze each paper by a student presenting a lecture and helping others with what the paper talked about based on our previous lesson. Additionally, our exams are based on going furthering our understanding of how an animal’s body function due to drag or lift and how that impacts their performance.

Additionally, biochemistry uses both chemistry and physics by heavily dealing with the law of mechanics, which describes how forces and torques interact with producing movement. Also, physics impacts biochemistry by governing the principles of motion, forces, and energy transfer. Throughout the course, we have learned to create proposals that allow us to find the gap in an article that would lead to bigger findings in regard to furthering the research