2.3 -Interpret Literature

Students will be able to evaluate and interpret data in scientific literature and other sources.

Throughout my biology career, I have created many literature reviews. My first literature review was for Biology 288: Sophomore seminar, in which I had the opportunity to pick the topic that I was passionate about which I decided to do on the effect of climate change on the fish population in the Chesapeake Bay. Creating a literature review for the first time since we had to go through a lot of background information and gathered different scientific articles to create a literature review.

Using the information I learned in Biology 288, I excelled at writing a literature review in Biology 399: Evolution. Evolution was a bit easier for me as I was actually interested in the information we were learning. I also had the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the Chesapeake Bay and therefore continue to learn and inform myself about the issues in the bay. Therefore, I believe that through this literature review, I have gained an appreciation for environmental factors that have a big impact on our environment.

In Biology 488: Senior Seminar, we are now using academic publications to convince someone of the significance of our topic which in my case is on correctly diagnosing children with ADHD in Prince Edward County. In addition to the literature, we created a presentation that convince an audience of the importance of educating the community of Prince Edward County about ADHD and how it’s efficient for children who might have ADHD to be diagnosed in order to provide childer form grade K-12 with better resources to succeed in their classrooms.