SLO 3: Nursing Philosophy Paper

My Nursing Philosophy

            While taking Nursing 100, I was asked to write a paper on my nursing philosophy and to tie in a theory of nursing care. I chose Jean Watson’s theory of Human Caring to base my own nursing philosophy. I believe that healing is a complex process that involves the mind, body, and soul. Therefore, a person cannot fully recover without receiving mental, physical, and spiritual care. This paper encompasses the learning objectives of integrating knowledge from the arts, sciences and humanities into professional nursing practice; incorporating professional values and standards into compassionate nursing practice; and demonstrating commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. This paper integrates the knowledge derived from philosophy and morphs the Theory of Human Caring into a nursing care practice to deliver efficient and effective nursing care. Also, my philosophy incorporates professional values and standards into compassionate care, because I acknowledge that even though mental and spiritual healing is imperative to a patient recovering, safety in care is the most important aspect of any healing process. Finally, I plan to use this philosophy as I move forward in my career, and I am aware that nursing is a lifelong learning process. My views on things may change, and so may evidence based practice, but I will always strive to provide safe care for my patients and remember that healing consists of physical, spiritual, and mental healing.