The Last Lecture

Every year one of the honor societies I am in, Mortar Board, puts on an event called the Last Lecture. This event asks professors to hypothetically present their “Last Lecture”, or in other words to present what they would want their last lesson to students to be. This event includes lectures from professors in any major including Economics, English, History, Nursing, and Citizen Leadership. Being asked to present at this event is an honor, and the professors enjoy giving students their last “words of wisdom.” Important lessons from this lecture included: Keep climbing; Don’t brag, a lion doesn’t have to tell people it’s a lion; and be your own person and do not conform to fit others’ ideas of you. These lessons and others are important to keep in mind while going through everyday life, and each one can help people in different ways. I think that the beauty of this event is that it has something for everyone regardless of where they are in their journey.