Goal 4-THEA 101

For the art general education goal, I took THEA 101, or Issues in Theatre, with Professor Howieson. Much of my high school English classes had a focus on theatre, and particularly Shakespeare, so I knew a fair amount about early theatre before this class. However, I did not know a lot about more modern theatre movements and I learned a lot more in the second half of the class. I really thank this class for getting me to look at the other courses offered in the theatre department, several of which I am interested in taking in the future. I would not have considered looking at other theatre classes if I had not taken this course. Also, this course made me go out and see the Longwood theatre’s productions for the semester. While the plays they performed in the Fall 2015 season were too dark for my taste, I got to appreciate the talent of Longwood’s theatre students and have gone to see one of their plays in the spring season even after the class was over. I’ve attached a critique of one of the plays I saw to demonstrate what I learned about the art of theatre and critically analyzing performances.