Goal 11-PHED 101

Originally, I was dreading taking PHED 101. I’ve never been an athletic person and found gym miserable in high school. However, while not my favorite class at Longwood, it was a lot better than I thought it would be. A large part of the class was walking, which is something I enjoy anyway, and the class encouraged me to walk more and be more active without intense, exhausting exercise routines. Remembering to get up and keep active is important in my major and prospective career field as an animator because I frequently spend hours in front of the computer doing class projects daily, so it is important to accomplish some physical activity every day to help break up this sedentary routine. Now that I have a Fitbit because of this class, I can use it to stay more active in the future. Below, I have attached a Physical Activity Monitoring Report where I show my physical activity over two weeks and reflect on what strategies I used to accomplish my activity goals.