Goal 13-ENGL 400

To fulfill the Advanced Writing and General Education Goal, I took an Honors section of ENGL 400 with Dr. Miskec. In this class, we were tasked with creating a project that would have an impact on American youths, whether in our campus community or on a national level. It took me a while to decide what to do for my project. I originally thought about topics like representation in children’s literature or film, but ultimately decided that I wanted to create a more realistic project that could have an impact on my community. I decided to use my project to try to convince faculty in my major that having a computer facility with 3D animation programs would greatly benefit students in my major, Graphic and Animation Design. At the time of this project, there were no computer facilities on campus that had these programs, which led to a lot of problems when students had difficulty using the programs on their own computers. I presented my project to Professor Douglas, a member of the Animation faculty, and now the Hiner G16 lab will have these programs next semester and be used for all 3D classes in the major. Since this was an English class, I learned a lot about how to write effectively and appeal to different audiences. Besides learning about the art of rhetoric and my personal writing process, I have learned important lessons about citizen leadership and taking charge in your community. This project helped me realize that one person really can make a difference if you reach out to the right people and make your voice heard. I have attached an essay I wrote that describes my plan to complete this project, which demonstrates my thought process on how to tackle this issue.