Goal 12-PHIL 308

For the ethics general education goal, I took an Honors section of Introduction to Ethics with Dr. Moore. I will admit that I was skeptical about this class at first. I thought that it was all going to be about discussing extremely hypothetical, morally grey situations that I would never possibly be confronted with. While, admittedly, there was a little bit of that, there was a lot more to the class that was quite interesting. We learned about valid and sound arguments and how to construct them in order to defend our opinions on controversial issues. We also discussed many different schools of ethical though throughout history. The most enlightening thing I learned, however, was perhaps not from the material of the class itself but rather from how my fellow students responded to it. Like most people, I have a tendency to surround myself with like-minded individuals, and it can be easy to forget that other people have drastically different views about the world. Even in this small class, there was a great diversity of opinions about many of the issues raised, far more than I thought there would be. To demonstrate the philosophical argument construction skills that I learned through this class, I have attached an essay where I argue my opinions on the moral status of zoos.