Recreation Therapy Department

At the Sunny Center we offer recreation therapy which is uses leisure activities to help people with specific health conditions improve their skills, abilities, overall health, and emotional well-being. Recreational therapists work with you and your healthcare team to set health goals and develop a plan to meet your needs (Healthline,2023). Recreation therapy is for anyone who has acquired a disability and wishes to return to an active lifestyle. Individuals are assessed to see what goals they have for themselves and what goals the Recreation Therapy Specialists finds appropriate for the individual (shepherd Center, 2023). Once goals are agreed upon then individual sessions are set to work towards achieving these goals. Sessions are no less than 30 minutes and no more than 2 hours long and that is determined whether it is an individual session or a group program. The Sunny Center offers a wide range of recreation therapy services and events.

Leisure Counseling/Leisure Education Content Areas:

  • Laws and rights
  • Meaning of wellness
  • Benefits of recreation
  • Problem solving techniques
  • Community accessibility
  • Self-advocacy
  • Transportation and Air travel
  • Time management
  • Community resources
  • Stigma management

Up and coming Sunny Center Events:

  • Art clinic
  • Fencing clinic
  • Snow ski trip
  • Farm Scavenger hunt