Department Policy & Procedure 2

Name of the Agency: Sunny Center                                                             Policy #: 0042023

Effective Date: October 10,2022                                                                   Revised: October 10,2023

Making Purchasing Decisions


It is the policy of Sunny Center to always follow purchasing guidelines approved by the Center and not to deviate from them unless there is executive management approval.


Staff, Administration, Doctors

Responsible Party:

Sunny center program administrators, Staff




i. The Sunny Center obtains goods and services by various methods designed to optimize cost effectiveness and timeliness of delivery. These methods include standard contracting, affiliation agreements, cost sharing agreements and bidding process just to name a few.

ii. Employee will comply with the following: a. Will not circumvent or ignore these purchasing methods without specific approval from a member of executive management. b. Notify Supervisor, Chief Compliance Officer or Compliance Line with information knowledge of purchases outside of official channels.

iii. Any employee who circumvent or ignore official purchasing methods will be subject to progressive discipline up to and including termination.