Department Policy & Procedure 3

Name of the Agency: Sunny Center                                                             Policy #: 0065023

Effective Date: October 10,2022                                                                   Revised: October 10,2023

                                                Falsification of Documents


The provision of specific guidelines concerning the falsification of documents.


Staff, Administration, Doctors

Responsible Party:

Sunny center program administrators, Staff


It is the policy of Sunny Center and Affiliates that all documentation is timely, accurate and
truthful without any form of falsification.


  1. All documentation must be timely, accurate and truthful.
  2. Falsification of a document includes:
    a. Untrue statements, facts, details, etc.
    b. Incomplete statements, facts, details, etc.
    c. Redrafting of information.
    d. Reformatting of information.
    e. Deletion of information.
    f. Fabrication of information.
    g. Alteration of actual times of information.
  3. Documentation is not falsified in order to meet or substantiate any compliance issues
    with regulatory, industry or professional standards.
  4. Any employee or agent found to have falsified documents will face immediate
    progressive discipline up to and including termination.
  5. Any physician not under the employment of Shepherd Center found to have falsified
    documents will face immediate disciplinary action up to and including the loss of hospital