History 151: Historical Inquiry II:

About this Piece:

This piece is the final paper showcasing knowledge amassed from numerous textbook chapters that we analyzed through discussion posts. I was made to choose two out of three prompts to answer in long essay format, referring to the chapters covered in the course. While this was not an unfamiliar type of assignment, I was tasked to think critically about European history given a new, deeper understanding. 


While this class did not have the normal feeling of a Longwood course due to it being online, it still sharpened my writing and analysis skills, while taking me through my first college textbook. The class was a pretty regimented structure with 10 discussion posts, quizzes, and one final paper. The main benefit of this course was the amount it prepared me for the workload of a college course. I got my first taste of balancing my academic life with the collegiate requirements of my sport.

Kinesiology 215: Exercise is Medicine: 

About this Piece:

This is a presentation I delivered on the effectiveness of exercise on Alzheimer’s patients.

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Inspired by my grandmother who had recently passed from Alzheimer’s, it was someone cathartic to be able to educate people about this terrible disease and share her battle with my class. This course was incredibly hands on, as we completed numerous mobility screenings, a 6 minute walk test, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts, among other assignments that encouraged physical activity outside of the class. This was a good class to take along side Anatomy and Physiology, as I was able to apply some of the concepts I was learning to the content in this introductory kinesiology course. Despite my eventual change of heart and change of major from Kinesiology to Sociology, I believe strongly that no time is wasted, and I developed as a scholar by taking this course.

Theater 101: Issues in Theater

About this piece:

This was a reflection written after seeing Longwood’s production of the Tempest. I was tasked to mainly evaluate the visual components of the production.


Theater is something I’ve always held close to my heart. My parents met in the North Carolina Shakespeare Theater, and my sister is currently in her third and final year at drama school. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to take a pillar class on something so important to myself and my family. I’m lucky enough to have seen many productions in my life, and thoroughly enjoyed the handful I saw preformed, and in some cases directed by, students at Longwood. This class was full of engaging class participation that touched on heavy social issues covered in some of the plays we read and watched. One example would be discussing the use of black face, and other forms of cultural appropriation in casting.


Philosophy 200: Intro to Philosophy

About this Piece:  This piece is an argument extracto from Philosophy 200, a course tha satisfies the human behavior and social institutions pillar. 


Philosophy was a fascinating course that allowed me for each hour of class to entire a different kind of head space. This intro course felt like mental floss. Discussing and examining arguments began to feel like puzzles that could be delicately solved with the careful use of the english language. This course lead me to a deeper more critical lens of consciousness than I had ever tapped into. It was amazing to see how often communication around us fits into these basic argument structures. I feel inclined to perhaps try some books in the philosophy genre.

Spanish 111: Beginning Language and Culture

About this piece

This is the written portion of my final essay about financial inequality in Mexico, Spain and Guatemala. Satisfies global citizenship pillar.


Spanish was not my strongest subject in high school, however I impressed myself with the strides I made with the language in college. This artifact is the paper version of a topic I presented to the class with no notes or reference material at all. To be able to talk for 5 minutes about a topic in spanish with no note cards or cheat sheet felt like a tremendous win for me. I find that since taking Spanish 110 and 111, I have retained far more than I ever did in my 3 years of taking it in highschool. I enjoy now watching Spanish TV shows occasionally with subtitles to keep the language in my head. As a baseball player I’m often surrounded by individuals from Spanish speaking countries. My experience studying Spanish at language has allowed me to more easily bridge that language gap a little bit, and connect with people from other cultures.