My Longwood Community Experience:

Being an athlete and a CHC member has its challenges. I wish I had the ability to attend more of the countless events scheduled throughout each week that only make the CHC family closer. The Honors College Leadership Retreat was a once in a lifetime experience that truly set the tone for what was to come. That week long experience allowed me to feel what an academic growth mentality felt like. There is a strong and shared desire for success in the CHC. Whether it be solving brain teasers as a team at the ropes course, or working diligently to solve issues in the US health care system in my honors Citizen 110 class, it feels as though my peers want me to succeed just as badly as I do. When this feeling is reciprocated throughout the entire family, a truly strong support system of citizen scholars and leaders emerge. Seeing the excitement of the peer mentors who volunteered their time to give back to the newest crop of Cormier students told me all I needed to know about the impact this experience has on Longwood Students. The Honors Retreat also did an excellent job acclimating us with the community, as one of the activities we participated in was a scavenger hunt that included talking to some store and shop owners on main street. The experience helped ease my transition into the tight knit community that is the Longwood Lancers.

I am also lucky enough to be a part of another tight knit community which is the Longwood Baseball team. Being a part of an organization that takes just as much pride in creating upstanding members of society as it does ball players has been an eye opening experience. The love and support that exists within the fabric of that team has made being a member of this wonderful community even sweeter. Representing the Lancers has been a responsibility I have enjoyed every moment of. A support net is the most important thing to have as a young person navigating the beginning stages of adulthood and independence. Being a part of the Cormier Honors community as well as my team has been more support than I could have possibly imagined.