Academics are of course among the top priorities as a CHC member, along with being a upstanding citizen. The environment we have to grow, and resources provided by the honors college have given me every advantage I’ve needed to tackle the scholastic part of my journey at Longwood. In the CHC we do “different,” work, not more work, as the motto states. We are given so many opportunities to be critical thinkers and leaders in our studies. Being able to participate in the Honors Research Symposium was such an incredible experience to share with my peers. Being in a room with some of the greatest student minds Longwood has to offer was truly humbling, and allowed me to see the types of citizen scholars that emerge from this honors program. The opportunity to study abroad is made extremely accessibly to honors college students, providing us with life changing ways to experience other cultures and become worldly well rounded citizens. The Cormier Honors College requires students to maintain a 3.25 GPA minimum, which I was able to exceed that mark with a 3.77 for my freshman year,  thanks to the incredible support of my professors and fellow students.