One of the aspects of Longwood that I love is the small community and family feel of the university. Longwood truly feels like home away from home, and in my first year I have already made so many lifelong friends and valuable connections with professors. This small community and small town feel of Longwood has created a unique connection not only between fellow students, but between the college and the town that surrounds it. Attending a small college within a small town such as Farmville has provided me with countless opportunities to not only immerse myself in the Longwood community, but also the town that surrounds my new home. This connection has allowed me to be involved in activities such as a reading program coordinated with the local schools, community service projects within the town, as well as teaching 8th grade students who live in Farmville a lesson in one of my science education courses. This connection has not only provided me with amazing opportunities, but has also taught me important life skills while helping positively build my character as I learn what it means to become a citizen leader.